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March 11, 2009


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Additional thing some folks don't realize: Exit numbers correspond to mile markers.


You have now shared with everyone you know the thing that I thought you and I were the only people in the world who knew or were interested in...facts about US highways. I can already hear the commentary from Andrew when he reads this:-)!!!

Au contraire: Exit numbers don't conform to mile markers in all states. In Connecticut, for instance, I-95--aka the Connecticut Thruway--has its own straightforward consecutive exit-numbering system that has nothing to do with miles traveled.

In many states, consecutive-number exits have been renumbered over the years to match mile markers (which does make more sense as a travelers' aid), but Connecticut has stubbornly held out, partly because of businesses by the exits that are named after them (e.g. something like Exit 17 Towing). I'm sure this practice exists in other states as well.

And sadly, the NJ Turnpike does not conform to this rule, either.

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