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March 16, 2009


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Speaking for myself and Carolyn, we vote for keeping the entry as a single entity. We look forward to consuming your entries in one "Big Gulp". (For lack of a better analogy.)

I think the music piece will be a bit hit and miss, based on the variety of tastes from readers. But, as with other sections, the references to your play list are educational, as well as enjoyable. For myself, I've always been a bit stodgy as far as the music I listen to, but am now considering a reconsideration of Pink Floyd.

I'd keep everything you've got...assuming it isn't too much for you to produce on a daily basis.

We're enjoying as is...if we think of any potential additions during your comment period, we'll let you know.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Don't change a thing - it's working great. Keep on truckin'... so to speak.

It's perfect! Don't change a thing!

One big missive a day works well. Thanks for asking!

One update a day is the best. Stick with it!

Great travelogue....wouldn't change a thing.

BTW, not sure if you heard, but in this Sunday's Washington Post Travel section there was a feature story written by Melanie Kaplan about traveling around the United States in a car with her beagle - "Dog as my Co-Pilot". The writer goes on to provide a number of Beagle-centric travel photos and other road observations. Can you say creative rights infringement?

Keep it the same ... unless you want to change it! Should the blog start creeping into the thrill and enjoyment of the ride, please let us take a backseat, so to speak. We, as your blog passengers, will understand, and yes, still love you.

Go! Enjoy! Be safe!

Do not change it at all... Highlight of my day. Keep 'em coming.

Keep it coming one time per day. It's what I read before I go to bed -- and I don't mean that in a "it sucks so bad it'll put me to sleep" kind of way. I mean it's become part of my ritual.

Re: Gilmore and Comfortably Numb, I would like some follow-up on your picks for greatest guitar solos. Does Slash's in Sweet Child O'Mine make the top five? I wouldn't change a note. How about either of Randy Rhoads' in Mr. Crowley? Duane Allman's slide in Layla? Do you have a top five? Please, during one of your long drives, give us your list -- studio cuts only.

And, by the way, you've motivated me into blogging more from South Korea. Posted twice today, will do it again tomorrow.

We can't afford the Washington Post anymore, this is how I get my news although I would like less canine interest and more sports!

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