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March 07, 2009


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You were married to Christie Brinkley while you were growing up?? Cool! Talk about your adolescent fantasies.

And with the Wii Fit being a last-minute exclusion, I'll take the "over" in the pool on your post-trip weight. Just sayin'.

Jane and Michael Stern wrote a food column for me when I was Features Editor of the Stamford (Conn.) Advocate in the early '80s. They were so EASY to work with. They succeeded another somewhat well-know food writer for us in Fairfield County: Martha Stewart.
I would swear by the Sterns. Wonderful folks!

Photos = amazing so far. Arrangement of data and content = stellar. iPod selection = weak.

Jim, please - allow your poor pooches to enjoy all that time in the car listening to music. May I recommend adding these to your playlist, especially as you treck through the Midwest & my hometown, Chicago?

Sondre Lerche: Two Way Monologue, Sleep on Needles, Is it Okay if I Call You Mine

Simon & Garfunkel: America, The Boxer, Fakin' It, Dangling Conversation

The Kinks: Till the End of the Day, Sunny Afternoon

Jose Gonzalez: Heartbeats, Lovestain, Crosses

Ben Folds: Fred Jones, Ascent of Stan, Luckiest, Philosophy, Tiny Dancer (cover), Zak and Sara

Postal Service: Suck Great Heights, Give Up

Imogen Heap/ Frou Frou: Let Go, Headlock, Hide and Seek

Yoshida Brothers: Inside the Sun

and yes, Billy: Scenes, Allentown, Downeaster Alexa

I would appreciate it very much if Joan would negotiate my next contract with TNT:

TNT Guy: Mrs. Brady, we've given David a 200 percent raise, unlimited use of the corporate jet, a 15 percent stake in the company and his own show, guaranteed to run at least three years. We do have limits.

Joan: And I appreciate it very much. Is that the best you can do?

If you feel like referring clients to your nutritionist, I wouldn't mind her number. I don't like my Weight Watchers leader so I am punishing um, her, by not attending the meetings. That'll show 'em!

the hotel negotiation work is killing me. Nate and I admit that we have the opposite technique in life - where we almost ask how we can pay more. saps. Ahh, so taking notes here on her technique. awesome.

Clearly I have to keep up with your whereabouts! Had I known you'd be in F'burg, would have insisted that you stop at Paul's bakery. One of the top two doughnuts I've ever tasted, ever. And very "healthy" too - natural ingredients :)

Now that you've mentioned it, I must go to Fredericksburg tomorrow! But that's OK, we can let the kids visit grandparents while I enjoy the fine dining.

After Charleston you might check out Beaufort. Really quaint little town with charm and history and good southern cooking. Lots of movies filmed there - Big Chill, Prince of Tides and a bunch of others. Have fun.

Aw, man, this is awesome. Makes me want to dig out the steno pads I used to, um, blog my travels during the college days. We were so primitive back in the day. Oh, and could Fred and Hank be any cuter?

My offer still stands - when Fred & Hank are ready to hit a Kimpton Hotel - let us know. They will surely be treated like rolyalty. At the very least - a last night stop at Mike's new hotel --the posh Baltimore Monaco.

Safe journey.

Thanks Kim... we are totally looking forward to checking out the Kimpton hotels.. especially that cool one you mentioned in san fran.

Amy W, remember these are random iPod songs. It does mean I have them on my iPod, but not necessarily that I chose to listen to them on this trip. But wait until you see tomorrow's song. :-)

Dude...skip the green beans when eating 'cue. Next stop through F'Burg, hit Carl's ice cream on Princess Anne.

"The Great Santini" too...

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