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March 16, 2009


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Did you say a Manager's Special for Irish-Italians? Where can I sign up?

I beg to differ with the caption for today's bonus beagle photo....

this is Hank on the beach, trying to get away after discovering that not only had Joan packed his raincoat, but his Speedo as well :-)

Love you Joan!!!

I enjoy the irony that, while working to lose weight and get in better shape, you opted not to check your progress because walking three flights of stairs back to the car to get the scale was too taxing.

Therapy by beagle is powerful stuff. What a great story!

Possible alternate blog title: "Driving Mssrs. Fred and Hank"

I think you guys would like the Camellia Grill in New Orleans on the St. Charles streetcar line. It's uptown, near Tulane (hence my deep knowledge of the menu). Don't tell Janet Zalman I suggested the chili-cheese omelette (with delicious fries) and grilled (in lashings of butter) pecan pie. It's a gorgeous old diner with elegant counter men, too. Love to all of you
The Camellia Grill
626 S Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 866-9573

Ahem, we native Delawareans take exception to anyone other than us making fun of our state. Did you know one of our governors once described Delaware as having three counties; two at high tide? Having fun vicariously through you!

Is Mike Corones following you? (aka: pink bunny costume)... If you don't know what that means, it could be weird. But if you, then you know something is up... Corones, where are you?

Should we be concerned about Joan's *perhaps* unnatural inclination to do the laundry at every turn!?

Okay - In my defense to getting the prize for worst meal recommendation of the 2003 trip, just remember the view was great at AJ's. Also I have forever sworn off recommending resturants after my very public failure and have strangely received no job offers as a food critic.

Be safe

HAHAHAHA . . . hehehe . . . Har-dee-har-har.

>>Honestly, is anyone reading this not yet clear who's in charge on this journey? Only two of the four living beings on this trip get fed, have their poop picked up and get to sleep for 18 hours a day while the other two have to do all the driving, planning, paying, car loading, etc. Anyone who thinks dogs don't rule the world isn't paying attention.<<

This sounds a lot like being Ilana's mom. Although she doesn't sleep 18 hours a day-- instead she demands to be entertained. Read my book, play with me, blah blah. Like we're her parents!

I'm thinking if you make it to Park City she and Hank and Fred can see who can eat the most. This could be quite the evening entertainment.

Jim, being a high-point geek myself (CA, OR, WA, VA, W.Va., MD, PA so far), it's worth pointing out that the high point of Washington, D.C., is Fort Reno, just off of Wisconsin and Fessenden in Northwest, just a few blocks from my house. It apparently is either 409 feet or 424 feet. No need for crampons and ice axes to reach this summit. You could even do it carrying a bathroom scale. It's not quite three stories from street level.

Thanks for sharing the story about the beagles and the hospital. They make GREAT therapy dogs. I used to bring my beagles into my folk's nursing home and they were very popular.

Am envious that you passed through Ft. Walton Beach. My Dad was stationed there, and my older brother was born there. Sand as white as snow, as evidenced by the bonus picture (most beagles hate getting wet, by the way...)

Jim -- you forgot to mention that Fort Walton Beach is the hometown of Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel -- he who led the Florida Gators to a national championship in 1996.

Mobile has the oldest Mardi Gras in America -- and Independent Lens just had a great documentary on how the celebration is still segregated -- and how some people are trying to change it:

The Order of Myths:

Also, a couple of songs about the Gulf Coast:

Shelby Lynne -- "Where I'm From"

Shawn Mullins -- "The Gulf of Mexico"

I am totally inspired by Joan's negotiation skills. I am a huge priceline fan especially for trips like this and wonder how Joan's skills compare to Priceline--name your own price. Can you even do priceline when you need to have dogs included in the rate?

That is awesome!

I was a patient on the psyche unit at Children's Hospital in dc (15ish years ago). This kind of thing is always a warm welcome if you are a kid stuck on a psyche unit.

The quality of residential treatment centers and hospitals ranges so vastly. Many placements for kids don't take the time for this kind of thing. It is so cool that Fred and Hank are aware of this problem and do there part to make them more cheerfull!

Since you made reference to carhenge, I feel it necessary to point out foamhenge (http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/9209), which I'm sure you already know.

Love the elevation map. I'm a topography geek.

Pink man in bunny suit right up there w/ Homer's "Man gets hit in junk w/ football"...always funny.


Hey Robin -- I know that calling the hotels gets me a better rate than using the hotel websites (despite the fact that they all say "Best rate guaranteed") The websites don't seem to have a check-off box for traveling with pets.. I"ll check out priceline to be sure though. Thanks for the tip!

Chris - I must admit that while Fred and Hank do not have matching Speedos... they do have his and his sunglasses which I did not pack for this trip. ;-)

That bunny looks veeeeery similar to one Mike Corones.

Okay,guys, I concede that the National Park Service does a great job on some wonderful areas, but I couldn't let you go further without urging you to check out the National landscape Conservation system website before you get to the west. kashe katui in new Mexico, Canyons of the Ancients in Colorado 9more ruins thatn Mesa Verde!), Agua Fria north of Phoenix, Red Rock Conservation Area and Sloan Canyon in nevada, Grand Canyon Parachant and Vermilion Cliffs in Arizona, and Santa Rosa-San jacinto (Palm Springs), Headwaters Forest Reserve and King Range(northern Calif.), and Carrizo Plain near Bakersfield. let me know if you want contacts or guides. these are spectacular as yet undiscovered places!

Elena 9and you thought i reitred!)

I've been hoping you would weigh in! Thanks for the tips.


Do you have Cake's "Comfort Eagle" album?

She wants a car with a cup-holder arm rest
She wants a car that will get her there
She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen
She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler Le Baron

(Not Chevy.)

I have an AJ's story for you. Three years ago our friends arrived in Destin early and decided to eat at AJ's before checking into their condo. They valet parked their Suburban with their luggage in the back. Later, when they checked into the condo and started to unpack, my friend discovered that a bag in her suitcase containing all of her jewelry was missing. AJ's refused to take responsibility and they had to file a claim under their homeowner's insurance coverage.

We have also eaten at AJ's. It truely is terrible food.

I'm honestly not sure what's funnier -- the Jimmy Carter peanut or the Corones doppelganger. Either way, OMG.

Echo the jealousy at passing through Ft. Walton and Pensacola. (My family was stationed in the area for a few years when I was a kid.) The beach looks as gorgeous as I remember, with that white, powdery sand.

Hey, Amanda, can you get me some of those Corones bunny pics? Would love to write about the irony of that pink bunny...

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