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March 17, 2009


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Jim? Can you say Michael Dukakis? I don't need to see you get in our out to get the joke. Not funnier than grown man in pink bunny suit mind you.

Being a Missouri boy, I never knew there was a Lamberts outside of the Show Me State.

It's birthplace is Sikeston, MO (we have so little to be proud of):


: )

Hippies and Southerners have had a lot of time to mend fences since "Easy Rider," Jim.

I still wouldn't recommend New Orleans' cemeteries for your acid trip, though.

All that rain is making *Joan's* raincoat purchase for the boys look smarter and smarter...did I mention how bad Homer smelled yesterday after his raincoat-less venture in the rain?! I love the St. Patrick's Day pictures, too.

I am noticing a recurring theme of Joan not being impressed by the food. This makes me second guess my idea to have you over for a meal in Park City this time if you make it this way. I'm thinking she's only enjoyed one of your meals so far? Maybe your book isn't such a great find......

Joan qualifies as a hippie in Alabama.

They actually bookend the 5 minute tank filling intermission with the even more annoying “Please Enter Your Zip Code” prerequisite – Jesus Christ I just want to fuel up my car and go! What’s next… an optional “Refer a Friend” request?

For some reason, limericks have been popping in my head all day, and your St. Paddy's Day beagles have inspired another.

A couple named Joan and Jim/took beagles Fred & Hank with them/on a road trip they'll go/reporting what they know/the dog photos are really the gems!

Corny, yes, but I'm going to blame the green margaritas. :)

Love the W in Nawlins. Right across the street from Harrah's, in case you want to do some...eating...
While you're down there, take 10 minutes to drive down through the Lower Ninth. Don't recall if you'd said you'd seen it, but if you haven't, it's so sad and chilling. Haven't been there in about a year but when I went there you could go 15 minutes, block after block, without seeing another living human.

check out the tin soldier in the old french quarter - our friends Rosie & Mike Wohl own it (Rosie was a high school of friend of Jack's) Love, Pam & Jack & Boys & Dogs

When we were in New Orleans, we went on a swamp boat tour, approved by AAA - we expected a nature tour, but instead had a tour guide who dubbed himself "The Love Machine" and proceeded to show us where all of his aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws and out-laws lived along the swamp. At first we were taken aback, knowing how much we paid for six tickets, but we had a blast and would highly recommend the tour to anyone who has a good sense of humor. It was a really relaxing boat ride, too. And, the gift shop was great - we picked up a copy of a Cajun Red Riding Hood story there.

Ummm, does Joan know you have a dude named Jon on the trip with you?

Joan and seafood seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Perhaps she should go seafood free while you're french fry free. Just a thought!

If you go to Graceland - which I highly recommend - see if you can get one of the limited Elvis Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Cups. It's quite a sugary experience (although I don't recommend eating more than one cup per sitting if you don't want to go into shock).


Also, if you stop in Nashville and want a yummy breakfast, check out the Pancake Pantry.


Wednesday's Top 10 Excuses For Missing The Weigh-in
10. Had to detour to check out a really good burger joint owned by a former NFL quarterback
9. Gambled scale away at Harrah's in New Orleans
8. Scale buried under dogs' emergency backup alternate rain gear
7. Worried that weigh-in footage could show up on YouTube
6. Lost time filling out 1,000 NCAA brackets with every combination of AU making it to the Final Four
5. Trying to stick with Civil War motif, and scales just aren't period-authentic
4. Lost two hours trying to figure out just which Pink Floyd album the iPod was shuffling
3. Scale buried under collection of every edition of Road Food
2. It just seems a pity to weigh oneself after a great dinner in New Orleans
1. Fred and Hank ate the scale

AU's Sweet 16 game against Duke will be in Boston.

I would like to nominate the boy-in-the-yellow-hat photo as Best in Show, so far. Nice, Joan.

You could have ejected instead of making that poor guy fall asleep. Hope you do something fun for St. Pat's!

First off, Mark Potts, loved the Top Ten list -- well done.

2nd -- you saw azaleas in AL! I do miss being in the South when the azaleas bloom so much earlier than in DC. Nice.

I highly recommend Jacques-Imo's in New Orleans--great alligator cheesecake! Little pricey, but delicious. Or Mandina's for a more neighborhoody feel and turtle soup.

I found you from Andrew Sullivan's blog. Fred and Hank are so cute! I like dog stories and travel stories, so your blog is the perfect combination. It reminds me of one of my favorite books, John Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley."

Back in the early 90s, I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama with the goal of visiting my great Aunt Mildred. She was one of the women who did all the jobs the men vacated during WWII. She passed away some years ago and she doesn't have a museum. She did have great stories of climbing telephone polls (sic due to posting limitations) to fix the lines and patrolling the skies with her rifles for German air craft.

I too had to comment on the Azaleas - those bright little blooms certainly made my morning where we faced dense fog today.

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