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March 18, 2009


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Note to Barry Carpe: I could be wrong, but I believe the zip code requirement on gas pumps is limited to certain states, and it has something to do with vaguely confirming that you're the holder of the credit card that you just used. Anybody have any better info?

The car wash request, on the other hand, is indeed annoying!

Loved seeing Fred with his beads. Looks like you planned things spot-on for St. Patty's Day in NOLA! Safe travels. Can't wait for Elvis Tour!

The Mississippi River does run through Pittsburgh they just call it the Ohio River but its the same river. You owe that guy an apology.

I know that, like many, you might find my "crazy voodoo ways" amusing but you might try giving Hank some flower essences to help with his nervous expulsions (ie- pee and puke). We used them with Ginger (who came to us scared out of her mind) and had great luck. Ginger could never do the trip you're doing. She would be an absolute wreck.

Go here- http://www.greenhopeessences.com/Animal/index.html for more info and to find the right ones for him. They are very helpful and can help you choose if you need. I'm sure they can ship them to you somewhere along your route! You just need to figure out where.

Give them a call. They are very kind and helpful. Trust me.

Wow -- much respect for Joan's multitasking!

I love that Joan is a world-class napper. I come from a family of nappers and my husband has no appreciation or understanding of naps. And a "power nap" is the most ridiculous idea ever.

The Seinfeld episode when George starts napping under his desk is my idea of heaven (except for the usually gross carpet under one's desk -- but the IDEA of it -- ahhh!).

Joan is looking very svelte for her weigh in...

Claudia Schiffer? Forget the 1999 reference (although I guess you write to your readership), on St. Patrick's Day you should have said Kathy Ireland.

Hope you find a place to watch the big game Thursday night.

Everything is a part of the Mississippi River. Even the Great Lakes. Let's just call every body of water the Mississippi. Much easier. And kids will finally get that word right in their spelling tests! Love the picture of Joan with beagles and camera. I thought *I* had it tough walking two beagles (who always want to go in opposite directions)! Way to go, Joan!

I guess I feel compelled to comment on the photos. I love the shot of the Mississippi River at night. And Jim's of the parade on Bourbon St. and Joan in action <--that's when a point and shoot is the way to go.

Having been owned by 4 beagles in my life, I'm passionately in love with the breed.
I am one of those who blurts out "Beagle" EVERYTIME I see one--except it doesn't really come out as beagle...more like BEEEE(in a pitch only they can hear)-gle!!!

"A couple alongside the streetcar line in New Orleans console each other. Maybe they'd also just found out Central Grocery was out of muffulettas."

Hysterical! Or maybe they were crying after the post-muffuletta weigh-in...

on the Joan/dogs photo ...a new media nickname while on the road for Joan.... Jennovitz? (Jennifer Aniston-Annie Leibovitz) for fashion and photo.

On people randomly shouting, "Beagle!": It happens to me (or rather, my dog) all the time. For about a month after Uno won Westminster, they shouted "Uno!" instead. Maybe it's just because beagles are such a familiar, all-American breed, thanks in part to Snoopy.

Service dogs for injured soldiers.

I may have found a new vocation in life.

Poor Joan taking all that ribbing about dressing the dogs. I feel for you, Joan. I myself dress my 3 dogs in matching coats (and they have serveral different outfits each). I know on a logical level that they have no need for them, but I just get such a kick out of it. The only trouble is Gus, our beagle, is in full coat rebellion mode and not only tries (and succeeds) to remove his own coat but then he works on removing the other 2 dogs' coats as well. Basically I have conceded the battle and the war to Gus at this point and put the coats away until he is older and maybe not as determined. I now have to live vicariously through Joan's efforts to dress Fred and Hank.

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