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March 20, 2009


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Pretty obvious reason for the lack of bald heads during the Civil War: No steroids. That might explain the Confederats' on-field performance, as well!

And in defense of Joan's lack of knowledge of things like Hardee's, Shoney's and Denny's, the hilariously tony Connecticut suburb where she (and I) grew up simply didn't have such things. Indeed, it only gained its first McDonald's in the past few years, and to this day doesn't have a 7-Eleven. Tiffany's on Main Street? Check. Two Mercedes in every driveway? Check. A town-owned country club? Check. All-American junk food selection? Not so much.

Call me crazy, but if you are called William "Baldy" Smith and you are a Union general, chances are you are bald.

George Meade was slick-back bald. He only won Gettysburg. Dick Ewell was bald. He only frigged up Gettysburg. He was also called "Old Bald Head."

Your Civil War travel tip of the day. :)

So let's see if we have this straight:

You have driven through the Carolinas and across Georgia, down the middle of Alabamy and across the Gulf Coast. You make a beeline through the heart of Ole Miss toward Memphis, and you are eating Hardee's, Shoney's, KFC and what-not, but passing up some serious, serious regional barbecue?

You are not worthy, sir. You are not worthy of prime hawg and the vittles. Pfffft!

I concur. You cannot go through that region without getting BBQ. Better see some serious BBQ in a future report! Your dogs deserve some samples, too (Abbey and Elvis told me to type that last part).

NCAA: Great job, American U--to even make the tournament is an honor! Yay for your alma mater! I have to figure out a way to stay up late to watch my Michigan State Spartans (my alma mater) tonight.

Cool report folks. Fred is starting to look his age (I have a photo from some years ago of both of you, Jim), but he looks fine!

Hey, when you order KFC, all that you have to say is "A bucket of grease, please." I thought everyone knew that. :D

Enjoy that trip ... seems like it's working out well.

Wow, a new definition of civilization...somewhere bartenders know about the NCAA tourney!

Having grown up in the deep South, I have to agree that there are far fewer bald men there in general vs. other places in the US (please note my extensive research!). I think it's due to the slower pace of life (as witnessed by your "fast food" experience) overall.

Re: long bridges. Some years ago a bright fellow in New Orleans decided that it would be a good idea to stage the city's annual marathon on the Ponchartrain Causeway, which is coincidentally almost exactly the right length and is perfectly flat. The runners, of course, hated it. No cheering crowds along the way. In fact, no nothing along the way. I don't believe they ever tried that again.

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