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March 22, 2009


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Ahem. "Because the Night" was later "covered" by Bruce Springsteen? Um, nope. It was basically WRITTEN by Mr. Springsteen. Patti Smith's producer, Jimmy Iovine, who was doing some engineering for Springsteen during the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" sessions, smuggled the song out of the studio and gave it to Ms. Smith, who changed some words and snuck a co-writing credit on it. But it's originally a Springsteen song, and he played it live at shows in the '70s and beyond.

Then again, if you're gonna confuse Patti Smith and Patty Smyth...

Laugh if you want, but I thought Cop Rock was awesome. So what if the starring actors and I were the only ones watching? It beats running across Lake Pontchartrain.

I laughed, I cried, I got mad. All in one blog posting on Fred and Hank Mark America-this one.

What made me mad?

Bruce COVERED Because the Night?

I've decided you just want to make people mad or you wouldn't talk like this. So I'm calm now -- I'm not going to fall for such tricks again. And maybe, just maybe, you have talked to Bruce since he gave himself credit for this song (along with Patti Smith) at http://brucespringsteen.net/songs/BecauseTheNight.html. And if that's the case, I look forward to a posting about that conversation.

Love the blog, please top taunting Fred. And the Bruce fans.

Sorry for the spam, but a quick bug report -- the link to "The trip so far" is broken, both in the navigation and this entry. Looks like there's a space there. When I removed the space, it worked properly.

Judging from the previous comments, I'm fairly certain Fred wasn't barking at the window washer, but was incensed at the "Because the Night" faux pas.

Meanwhile, I'm filling out a bingo card of jokes and puns for tomorrow's post from the Clinton Presidential Museum.

Ben's first roommate at Oglethorpe University was a kid named Robert E. Lee (a distant cousin)!

Hope you have the theme song to the musical Oklahoma as you head on through!

Love, Pam, Jack & Boys & Dogs

After distinctly remembering what it felt like to have my head stuck between the rails of the banister as a kid, I'm with Fred here. Not even Flinstones orange sherbet push pops would coax me out without a full fledged freak out.

I kept waiting for the photos of Jim holding up the bed while Fred snarled and bit at your hands. When you wrote, "Thankfully, Joan takes the long view..." I assumed the next line would be something to the effect of, "and said, 'Honey, can you hold it up just a little longer while I get my camera. Now move a little to the right so I can get a better shot." Really.

James R. Presley is the father of Kirk Presley who was a first round draft pick of the NY Mets back in the early 1990's. Kirk was a third cousin of "The King" so there's no question James is part of the family.
Kirk, by the way, is back in Tupelo having suffered several arm injuries. He never made it to the Majors but now works as a coach for a Tupelo American Legion team.

You're a writer right? I mean correct? Ever heard of guy named Faulkner...they have a write-like-Faulkner contest down in Oxford every year...usually pretty funny as the contestants take everyday topics to task w/ Faulkner's prose. That could have been worth seeing on a cool, calm borrowed day where time is marked by the persistent rotation of chrome alloy, wrapped snug inside hard black Ohio rubber, molded by tar-black, smoke belching machines....I bet you could enter and win that contest.

I bet Liberace "blew away" the competition in that car...what headers!

Ummmmmmmm, (slobber) Flintstones orange sherbet push pops (drool). . . .

Too bad you didn't stop at the Sun Studio cafe, next to the studio. They have great fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, like Elvis used to eat. No jelly doughnuts with straws, however, that I remember.

Was watching a commercial yesterday and thought of Joan's quest to find the best hotel deals. You might be able to stay at a hotel for free if you stay twice at one of the Choice Hotels: http://www.choicehotels.com/. I haven't checked out all the fine print, but it seemed like something you guys might want to know.

I like the new header, btw.

Maybe next time, let Fred get a good grip on your hand and make sure his teeth are set and with one forceful tug he'll be outta there in no time.

Or you can do the trail of kibble again. Totally up to you.

BTW, you painted a hilarious picture. I needed that to brighten my day.

Ah, Austin. I assume you're hitting the LBJ library? Better than Carter's from the sounds of things, but still somewhat hagiographic. You can also go to the top of the Charles Whitman shootin' tower on campus. Recced eatin': Stubbs Bar-B-Q (great chow, cool concert venue), Iguana Grill (very good food, even better views). Worth checking out if you have time: A blues show at Antone's or elsewhere on the downtown drag; the Texas state capitol building.

And, were it only to be a Sunday, you could have seen chicken shit bingo at one of the divey-est drink-eries I ever have encountered, Ginny's: http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/multimedia/2008/03/gallery_chicken_bingo.

Hey Amy, thanks for the recommendation.

When we did this in 2003, the Choice Hotels (comfort inn, quality inn, etc) were running a two nights get the third night free -- no restrictions. All comfort inns took dogs and the hotels were all new and clean and mostly had laundry facilities - it was great.

Turns out the fine print this time around is a little different.. reservations must be made through the website or the 800 number But also - not all hotels are participating. Unfortunately, most comfort inns don't take dogs anymore and the quality inns have been -- well less than quality.

We're still taking advantage of the promotion - but aren't as impressed as last time around.

Keep the ideas coming -- there are always things out there that we don't know about!

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