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March 23, 2009


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Jim, I love your sense of humor. Your comment about watching ABC's prime time line up after the ride made me laugh out loud. It just snuck up on me and was so funny. Well, I'm assuming it was a joke. I haven't watch ABC tv since those shows were on so I wouldn't know for sure. Glad Fred has recovered from his trauma. Looking forward to tomorrow's posting!

My mother grew up in Galveston, and I spent a few summers on the beach there. It's not what it used to be, sadly, b/c most of the island remains quite damaged from Hurricane Ike.

My parents were married at the historic Hotel Galvez in the early '50s -- I wonder if it is still as beautiful as it once was?

"The best" restaurant among the locals used to be a seafood place called Gaido's (say: GUY-doze).

Either way, enjoy the Gulf!

"...still having trouble getting this link to work, please let me know."

Still seems to be broken - I get an empty Google map after the click. I get it - you just don't want us all to catch up with you. Clever.

Hank has such a beautiful face.

If you ever get up here to Michigan, you'll have to check out the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. Very nice, and very balanced, as I recall. Check it out here: http://www.ford.utexas.edu/museum/aboutmus.asp. Not sure why it's connected with utexas; both museums are in Michigan. Anyway. The library is not at this site, by the way; it's at the University of Michigan (the other Michigan school in the Big Ten--I'm a born and raised Michigan State University fan), where he went to school (and was a football star). I haven't been to the library.

Like the new header, definitely more personal, but according to the picture on "reader's left" of the header, you have 3 beagles and one where's ball caps not raincoats?

BTW...i love this trip and the blog, you guys are real troopers to be doing this, i can't wait until you all do India or China, having been there, i wouldn't take the dogs.


I, for one, (the only one?) would like to see more picture of Joan & Jim. I mean if you really brought half your wardbrobes with you, shouldn't we see the proof? I'm sure Joan has taught Frank & Hed (as I often call them in my head) how to use the camera by now.

"where's"! now that's funny what a dumb ass i am.

This miraculous weight loss begs the question: What the heck were you eating before this trip? ;-)

FYI, Wendy's has a few salads that are actually quite good -- on a fast food rating scale, of course.

"... no cigar."


Since you were in the world of Elvis, the reference to 1977 on the guy's jeans may have to do with his death. He died in 1977. Just a thought...

Hey, my mother-in-law has a little garden shop in downtown Hot Springs. Maybe you went in it. She'd love the dogs.

Fred & Hank Fans -- I'm looking for advice. Since this march across America started, the suggestions on my YouTube page are all beagle-related. Most of them with crazy snarling beagles.

How do I make it stop?

If you drive on Interstate 40 in Texas, try to go through Groom. There will be a structure there you won't be able to miss: http://www.crossministries.net/.

You just crack me up . . .
"no cigar".
Ha ha. Very cute.
Thanks for the laugh.

Russellville is a pretty little town, but it's also dry. I take it you didn't order wine or hard liquor.

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