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March 24, 2009


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no picture of Fred and Hank at the base of the titanic stairs?!

Jim the "trip so far" now link is working. However; I tested it in 17 browsers and Mozillia 1.0 on my linux readhat v1.07 machine does not seem to work.

We lived in Tulsa in the mid-80's - it has the prettiest downtown! All the streets to the east of Main are named for Eastern cities, and colleges and the streets to the west of Main are named for Western cities, and colleges. Wonder if you will pass through Broken Bow on your way to East Texas ... the taxidermy museum (in Broken Bow) and the Red River Museum (in Idabel) are excellent. Love, Pam, Jack & Boys & dogs

I promised myself I would not get hooked this time around. Damn it.

The Lennon Sisters?! What did Tony do with Dawn? That bastard.

Jim (and more importantly, Jim's nutritionist)-- How in the world can you not realize the impact of your vase quantities of soda on your weight and overall health? Seriously, boy. And don't give me any "but it's diet" nonsense.

Wanna lose some weight? Keep a gallon of water in the car instead of a gallon of soda and then report back in a week.

I challenge you!
(As if you care)

Yes, avocados are full of calories, however, they are also full of very hearty-healthy fats (say, as opposed to the bacon), so take some solace there.

I am jealous; Austin, TX is one of my favorites places of all time.

When you get there, you can find some mighty good BBQ at Green Mesquite (the brisket is a religious experience for me). You have to love this place simply for their tagline: "Horrifying vegetarians since 1988."

And great Tex-Mex at Chuy's.

And overall, I have really been enjoying the blog. It's something I look forward to everyday.

Ahhhh! Vast quantities! I know you knew that, although vase quantities pretty much sums up the amount you drink as well assuming it's a damn big vase.

I don't care for Rush myself, but it seems to me that objectively speaking, they haven't been nearly so influential as Grandmaster Flash or The Velvet Underground. There are entire genres of music that wouldn't exist but for the latter two groups, while I can't think of many current bands that seem to me to be strongly influenced by Rush (though I'm probably also not listening for it). Maybe that'll change as their most popular years recede or if they're rediscovered, but at this point it makes complete sense for The Velvet Underground and Grandmaster Flash to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame first.

Since I visited B-ville on a number of occasions 2yrs ago (I turned down the "World's Biggest Leadership Development" job, that's what the exec recruiter kept selling me on, it didn't come w/ a statue), I am wondering if you noticed the weirdest thing of all, at least for my wife it was...no grocery stores!!! That's right, no one dare shop anywhere but Walmart--what we have like 30 choice in the DC area? That was one of many signs from Go.....umm, giant Jesus I now know, to turn the job down.

Enjoy Austin...another place I turned down.


You missed out on a great picture of the gigantic praying hands at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. That would go well with the gigantic Jesus (was that a mullet he was sporting???)http://www.oru.edu/aboutoru/prayinghands.php Next time you might want to consider stopping at the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Mansfield, MO (near Springfield). I've never been but always wanted to go there. Go Hank and Fred! Our 2 resident beagles and one foster beagle (www.brewbeagles.org: check out our Lizzie she is beagle of the week!) are enjoying your trip. -JP in Ohio

I traveled to Bentonville last year to visit -- wait for it -- Wal-Mart HQ for an ad deal. On my flight there, I couldn't help but notice that just about every passenger on board was 1) dressed up in proper biz attire and 2) feverishly reviewing PPT decks. Apparently, no one flies into that place unless they're presenting to the nice folks at Wal-Mart.

Hi Guys, let Melissa and I know your plans when in Austin. We both work right downtown, and would love to meet up. There are lots of dog-friendly bars and restaurants in town, too.

Shoji Tabuchi is a talented violinist-turned-fiddler who fell in love with bluegrass at the same time he fell in love with his wife, a country singer. Might be fun to check out in the future. Saw them on a 60 minutes segment a number of years ago.

You don't know who the Lennon Sisters are? I take it your parents or grandparents didn't subject you to Lawrence Welk back in the day. Lucky you!

Not to miss: Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin. Go to the original which is in an old cottage (on Kerbey Lane, of course)... on Sunday mornings the wait is about an hour. Wait if you must! Great pancakes.

Yeeesh! Watching you eat is an insult to phat people everywhere. If you're going to skip local joints in lieu of chains and give us the pretense of diet . . . goddammit, do it right! Enough with the Fritos and small fries. Don't just bomb, go down nuclear by hitting the 10 Unhealthiest Lunches in America:


That's a pretty big banjo!

Hostile crowd today.

I second Kerbey Lane in Austin. I'm sorry to say they have great breaded fries.

And, although it's not convenient, sipping margaritas whilst watching the sunset at The Oasis on Lake Travis is *spectacular*. http://www.oasis-austin.com/
As a bonus, it's near Hippy Hollow, the nude beach.
WARNING: this link has photos of, well, nudists.

Regarding the Bent & Dent Grocery: Where You Get More for Your Money," in Harrison, Ark., can we assume that the "more" is botulism? Mmm mm tasty! And good for the diet, too!

I love the irony of the beautifully restored Walton's 5-10, when it's Walmart that's putting so many of those same small stores out of business. Sigh.

Hey Jan -- I checked out the BREW website.. Lizzie is adorable! I had to stop looking. The Acura cannot accommodate a third beagle. :-) I'm sorry we missed the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum..I would have loved to have seen it. We did get to see the giant praying hands though.

I am a Rush fan, have seen them in concert, own much of their music and count "Xanadu" and "The Trees" among my favorites. I was not only NOT a member of the AV club in high school, but was a cheerleader/gymnast/dance team gal. NEVER underestimate the power of Neil Pert and Getty Lee (and the other guy of course).

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