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March 25, 2009


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The Gap Band is from Oklahoma?!?!? Who knew?

Jim & Joan - The All American Rejects, The Hansons and The Nixons are all from Oklahoma! Sonic has something in the Southwest it doesn't offer in the Southeast - Pickleos - fried pickles with melted cheese on them - they sound awful, but they are awesome!
Love, Pam, Jack & Boys

A minor correction. Not Cousin Itt, but "Thing". Cousin Itt was the hairy guy (uh,being). Thing was the hand in the box.

Don't ask why I know this.

For the love of God, please go to Boudros for the guacamole on the riverwalk in San Antonio, and then Rudy's BBQ -- which are usually housed in gas stations and have a feel like no other place.

Hello hello--

1) I completely agree. Soda is better than beer, especially while driving. Really I'm more curious if you and your nutritionist even want to address it. This is because I'm just a curious person. And not a soda drinker. Addictions are tough. My addiction is being a pain in the arss.

2) I LOVE horchata also! If you come through here, we can take you guys down to an awesome local Mexican place. Actually, we have a couple to choose from. Or we can cook you something healthy. Or both. To balance it out :)

3) The praying hands remind me a litte of "The Awakening" statue. I wish it wasn't moved.

4) May we suggest a stop in Boulder, Utah? Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere but there are some great hiking areas around (like Grand Escalante) and a great little hotel and restaurant where you should have a killer meal. Check out www.boulder-utah.com for the hotel (which does allow dogs) and www.hellsbackbonegrill.com for the restaurant on the same property. Caveat-- the hotel is small and family run so you'd really need to make a reservation and then stick to it. I know that's not easy on this trip. We have stayed there and it was lovely. So it isn't a little junk heap or anything.

5) Ori declared last night that I have been picking on you. Have I been picking on you? If so, I'm sorry. It's a side effect of my addiction (mentioned above).

Safe travels!

You make me think of one of my favorite tv shows: Diners Drive-Ins & Dives on the Foodnetwork. Here are a couple of Austin, TX recommendations from the show:

Maria's Taco Xpress
2529 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704
Tel: (512) 444-0261

Casino El Camino
517 E 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701
Tel: (512) 469-9330

Magnolia Cafe
1920 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
Tel: (512) 445-0000

Green Mesquite
1400 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
Tel: (512) 479-0485

I'll bet they are just what the doctor ordered for your diet! LOL! Maybe not but I'll bet they are all good.

Two words. Taco Cabana.
You're welcome.

Thanks for the link to the photo of the cross. I hadn't seen it from the air before - only from my own car window on a solo sprint across the country. It certainly was an eerie site, rising up out of the night sky when I drove past.

I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post of Janis Joplin sites.
And you should have a really great music day.

For great Tex-Mex, find yourself a Pappasitos. Great margaritas, excellent guacamole made table side, nachos but their beef fajitas are the best. Won't find them outside of Texas and you may find yourself going more than once.

Hope you had a chance to visit Kemah on your way down to Galveston. I'm not sure how much damage the Hurricane did, but it's a cute little boardwalk town.


I wouldn't steer you wrong.

thanks for the pics of the cross and the praying hands! There's something you'll need to see for your "religious objects" collection if ever your travels take you into Michigan. Near Iron River (northern part of the lower penninsula) there is the Cross in the Woods National Shrine. I've been there, it's pretty impressive. It may compete in size with the Oral Roberts cross (but probably not)...not sure how tall that one is, but the cross part of this crucifix is 55 feet and made out of one Redwood tree back in the mid-50s.


And you're right; beagles are always in command even though we humans try to tell them otherwise.

Sympathies about the caffeine addiction. I just kicked the habit out of medical necessity almost two months ago (newly diagnosed with Miniere's Disease, the caffeine seems to exacerbate the vertigo. So bye-bye, dear friend that was caffeine. Sigh.

Shooting for April 1st for a Phoenix visit? We will be here.

The Peacock Family

1) Rush: When I was in high school, my boyfriend's friend told me I had hair like Geddy Lee. I was thrilled.

2) It's much more interesting and always a lot funnier to take people's signs literally, "Educating the whole man." But I would offer up that the statue would have been Statue of Liberty size-like based on the size of the hands if they'd built "the whole man".

Thank you for sticking up for RUSH, Jim! It takes courage to do so. (Why do most people laugh when my cell phone rings and it blares "Tom Sawyer"?? which is, by the way, one of my least favorite Rush songs, but pickings were slim on AT&T's free ringtone selection).

Anyway, Rock on...you and Joan are a great team, ditto on Fred & Hank, and I'm really enjoying your blog.

1. Rush's "Fly By Night" taught me my first easy chords on guitar (left-handed and upside down, unfortunately).

2. Knowing what you went through on the Patti-Bruce gaffe, I'm hesitant to pile on regarding Cousin It and the Thing. But what the hell.

3. At least chain junk food joints have websites that make it easier to count calories. I'm amazed by how frank Quiznos and Arby's are about their calorie counts online (tip #1: eliminate cheese and "sauce" and you cut cals by half; tip #2: Arby's roast beef is half the cals of Arby's "garden fresh" veggie wrap). There oughta be a law.

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