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March 08, 2009


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OK, I've read all the posts. Laughed, laughed, laughed. I just told the hubby we have to do this next summer with Cashmere and Corduroy (two formerly fat, now v. lean and still mean cats). The only tiny problem is I am a germaphobe and spend hours on TripAdvisor researching hotels before we take a trip to be sure I am at the cleanest place I can possibly be otherwise I won't be able to sleep thinking about bed bugs and other vermin possibly crawling on me. So, that will take some finessing.

Be safe and keep on truckin'!

Man, if you'd like to "borrow" a couple of my shots of the remains of the Chancellorsville Mansion, the spot where Stonewall was shot and the traffic down the old Orange Pike, I have very reasonable rights fees.

I'm also surprised this didn't come up during Joan's computer crash: GET A MAC!

Let Casey Taylor off the hook -- I was the one who saw the "Titanic" soundtrack on your desk. Try as I might, I couldn't get the Celine Dion rumor to stick.

Why why why doesn't Joan have a MacBook, too???
My Sony Vaio desktop wiped out my OS downloading SP3 last Aug. 18 (YES, I remember the date!). I went cold turkey Apple that day and have not looked back.
C'mon, Jim ... it's time for Joan to convert!

I'm with the previous posters....it's time for Joan to convert. What's she afraid of? Plus with the new iLife you'd be able to tag faces and places and map them. What more could you want?

Have fun in Charleston, SC! Let me know if Atlanta is on the Triptik. Would love to catch up in person.

I love being able to keep up with your progress.
In Charleston, if you are looking for good low country cooking, go to Hominy Grill (http://www.hominygrill.com/ ). Great Shrimp and Grits (okay, not the healthiest), and really amazing breakfasts. Fresh food and friendly service. They have garden seating, as well.

I seriously cannot believe that Joan willingly ordered a "seafood" sandwich in a Subway.

Please, please tell me that you are going to hit Macon, GA on the way to Savannah? From Charleston, it's pretty easy to get there. Savannah is so "expected" -- go to Macon instead!

Beautiful antebellum homes, great southern food & BBQ (incl. boiled peanuts, which I bet you Yankees have never had), the GA Music Hall of Fame, the Harriet Tubman museum.

And special for Fred & Hank, head to Ocmulgee National Monument (ancient Indian Burial Ground) so they can stretch their legs & get in some really good sniffin': www.nps.gov/ocmu

I only wish my Dad was still alive; he gave THE greatest tours of Macon and was the biggest character you could ever hope to meet in your whole life.

Jim and Joan,

Glad you two had a chance to take in some of the Civil War sites in the Spotsylvania area - lots to see. Sorry you didn't get into Stratford or to Ellwood. You'll definitely want to hit those on your next trip.

Jim, my son can repair any computer if you want to fly him in... : )


Great stuff, as always. Hope all is well...my folks are back for the sequel as well and send their best.

Quick question: does typepad have a mobile format handily available? I love to catch these on the fly, but my handset is not handling the full site all that elegantly.

Quick comment: I have also been a longtime fan of movie scores. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


We love reading your updates! We must have been within a few miles of each other while you were in Fredericksburg as we returned home via I-95 from our own historical tour of Virginia last weekend (Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg). We plan to tackle the Civil War sites soon, so thanks for the wonderful posts on historical sites in the Fredericksburg and Richmond areas.

If you are in the mood for some entertaining travel fiction, Patrick and I just finished reading Jules Verne's "Around The World in Eighty Days." We both loved the book. It will surely remind you of how quick and easy travel has become.


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