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March 26, 2009


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I am still stuck on the fact you drink 8-10 sodas a day.
Also, I think Robin Bush was George and Barbara's daughter (sister of W).
Also, also, Ryan is now subscribing and looks forward to your dispatches everyday. Asks he: "Why don't we go on a trip like that?"

Based on the support for RUSH, I'm seriously questioning the readership of this blog.

But, more importantly, have you noticed the one common factor in all three near accidents? I don't want to give it away, but it's spelled ACURA.

You cannot litigate against Spandau Ballet. This much is true.

For those interested there is a recent interview with Geddy Lee. It's on Blender.com...i hear the magazine just folded. *sad*


Groaning about the axle folly here...ouch!
And I agree about your comment re: Spandau Ballet.

Coming to a casino near you - Spandau Ballet. Maybe they're just getting back together to spur momentum for a sequel to The Krays.

A buddy of mine in college once joked that "La Quinta" is Spanish for "next to Denny's."

Speaking of Axle Folly, New Belgium Brewing Co. (makers of Jim's fave Fat Tire Ale) are now making another homage to "Beverly Hills Cop" with Giddy Up (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/192/44480) - Ale brewed with lemon peel and infused with espresso.

So now you can have your beer just like Serge would serve it...a nice espresso with a lemon twist.

Joan, thanks for the reminder that we should always use the DO NOT DISTURB sign and the security chain on the hotel room door. LOL

Jim, that's pretty funny that Joan has you thinking she entered "Roger & Martha's" room by accident. Some say that was a Craigslist connection made months ago and, this whole trip, well you notice how Joan is making the accommodations her job. She's got you just where she wants you.

The simplest way to know how many axles you have on your car when you approach the next Texas toll booth, sit you in your vehicle, fasten your seat belt, do not turn on the ignition, and count the axle on the front wheels and the axle on the back wheels and you will have your answer: two. Big dummy.

Chili's eh? What's next, the chicken-fried steak sandwich, slaw and fries at a west Texas Dairy Queen?

I wouldn't know anything about those, nooooooo sirreee. Nothing.

I do believe that dog running in Memorial Park is a vizsla just like our Ginger!

The runner, however, is nothing like us as we don't run.


Love Memorial Park and love the blog!

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