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March 28, 2009


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Pappasitos: glad you made it. Listen to your wife and go back for lunch. Maybe opt for chicken for a healthier fajita (though the beef is hard to beat)? All veg? Wish they had one in DC.

Dang, sorry I missed you guys in Austin. The one time I'm travelling for work is the day you roll through Austin. Glad you enjoyed Moonshine.


Wasn't Fred afraid to pose on that porch?

Wish I'd known you guys were going to be hanging in the area for a while! My parents live in Dripping Springs, TX. Or Drippin' as my dad likes to call it. While wearing his cowboy hat and mendin' his fences. Sigh...

You didn't go to the Alamo?

Lamont Sanford Jr. Sez:

"Well, yes, of course it would be easy to count axles -- if I knew exactly what one was. Anything is easy to count if you know what you're counting. The point is, I didn't really know what an axle was when I made that point. If you'd asked me three days ago, I would have said I had four on my car, one for every wheel."

From "Ruthless People," Officer Bender to the dimwitted Bill Pullman character:

"This could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth."

:) :) :)


Turns out Sit or Squat does have a mobile app, for BB or iPhone. Don't leave home without it. And there was much rejoicing.


All this time in Texas and not one plate of chicken-fried steak with white gravy, mashed taters, string beans and cornbread, and not one really great mesquite-smoked porterhouse with the trimmings, including homemade peach pie. Pffft.

Abilene, Texas--Lytle Land & Cattle Co., Just off I-20, "The Texas Porterhouse T-Bone," 28 ounces, trimmings, $29.95.

Gold, Jerry, pure gold.


Beagle tilty-head poses are the BEST! For fun, next time you check out Youtube, type in a search for beagle head tilt. John and I laugh and laugh.

Elvis must have been the valedictorian in his class for head-tilting. He has it down to a fine art.

Joan, today's bonus beagle photo is the best yet!
You should do a calendar.

Joan in Old Navy while Jim waits in the car: 45 minutes

Jim in museums while Joan waits in the car: 22 hours (Based on an hour a day estimate.)

Enough said. :)

Joan...love, love, love that photo. Nicely framed! PERFECT PICTURE. :)

Bon Appetit's #1 Taco in the country: Taco Taco Cafe in San Antonio. Only open for breakfast and lunch. Looks pretty awesome.

Joans photos are excellent. I am getting to see a playful, expressive side to Beagles. I was never a fan (though I love dogs). The only dog to have ever bitten me was a beagle. Thanks to Fred and Hank I feel I can now forgive the breed as I'm now seeing they have good traits. For the record I have thrown rocks at my brother with malice.

Public restrooms can make or break you. We found one so clean on our recent trip to Portugal that I took a picture of it for our album. Joan, it's on facebook if you have any interest in seeing the cleanest public w.c. ever!

PS, love the beagle photos, of course!

mmmm ... The Salt Lick. Finally back from my own (much shorter) travels and catching up on your adventures. I was at The Salt Lick about a week before you - posted a few pics on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/k-dj/tags/thesaltlick/

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