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March 30, 2009


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I like Fred pondering immigration. I agree with him.

At least according to YouTube, I was the first viewer of the first video. I assume there is a prize of some sort associated with that?

The wax figures look like they had too much salsa!

(Although, I think San Antonio has the best salsa ever!)

That bird is a White-winged Dove. Maybe no sports history there, but I'll bet you now have a Stevie Nicks tune in your head.

Is it just me, or does Fred look like he's yearning to join the Minutemen?

YouTube also claims I am the first viewer of the video -- hmm.

You ate at LaKiva but didn't try the "Onion Thangs?" What's wrong with you?

Dove hunting, huge in that part of the country but especially south of the border....so you should have recognized it as a Sport!

Oh I just want to reach out and smooch Hank's little face! So close and yet so far!

I am honored to once have witnessed one of those hotel meltdowns - Chicago 1991, couplers wouldn't work on your old TRS-80. I'm sure that was a common experience back in the day, though.

Okay, Sarah Jessica Parker and Johnny Cash don't make much sense together, but it does make more sense than my first impression on seeing that photo, which was: "Who is that scary woman, and why is she standing next to Roy Orbison?"

The sweeping views are making me nostalgic for my Southern California desert home. The pictures are great, but I can only imagine what it looked like in person. Here's to the West!

Great stuff.

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