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March 09, 2009


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Tammy you look great darling and that meal you made sounds awesome.

Reading this is now part of my daily routine -- don't know what I'll do with myself once you return. I've looked, but I can't seem to find an itinerary. How long will you be gone? Where are you headed? I looked back at some 2003 weblogs -- sounded like a great trip. I had no idea you were gone for so long and hit so many states! Keep it up!

This is Jim Eppard's wife, Lisa, here. I'm tracking your trip daily and quietly pretending I am along for the ride, a la dashboard hula girl.

Jimmy, on the other hand, can't bring himself to even open your notes. I try to tell him how cool each day has been only to be met with fingers in his ears yelling "LA LA LA LA". He weeps with jealousy to be you right now.

If you're still in Kill Devil Hills and like Oysters you might want to check out Awful Arthurs.

ok, that napkin and silverware anecdote is effing hilarious. joan, joan, joan...

and we've totally been to chip's wine shop - who knew?

i'll second the call for an itinerary, even aspirational, so i know whether to share any recommendations i've amassed through my own travels or, the actual reason, how envious i'm going to be *this* go-round.

For someone who is now on his second trip around the country, I'm humored that a "local" beer comes from Asheville, N.C., which is a mere 387 miles from Kill Devil Hills, or the seeming distance between Washington, D.C., and a really good plate of barbecue. :)

David Byrne rumor-of-the-day: He's bringing his tour to Wolf Trap on June 6! Have not been able to confirm it, yet, but keep your eyes and ears open... You'll make it back in time if you would just STOP READING all of Virginia's historical markers! However, please do let us know when you find the marker that jumps the shark.
Safe travels!

I did the Hollywood Cemetery thing last summer. I was surprised (or maybe I should have been) at how much more elaborate Jeff Davis' grace is in comparison to Madison and Tyler. (Yes we did find them...and it took some walking to do it.)

While admiring Davis' grave site, several other admirers came by. One guy on a motorcycle...bandanna, leather jacket. Turns out he plays the bag pipes --every weekend in honor of Jefferson Davis.

He also clarified how you pronounce Davis' wife's name: Varina.

Rhymes with lima -- as in lima bean.

And...I am really enjoying reading your updates. Keep them coming!

Did you get Tammy's recipe?

Oh -- I am a Crimson fan too!!!!

Seconding the Byrne/Eno love -- I'm also a big fan of "Strange Overtones" on that album.

Happy travels! Enjoying the travelogue thus far!

Great shot of the James River...years ago, I did my best to convince the 3-year-old son of some Richmond friends that the James River was named for Rick James, and that he was "superfreaky". Taught him so well that he repeated the tale in his pre-school class.

Now I have my own child and am waiting for karmic payback from someone.

The Savannah College of Art and Design has the coolest store in downtown Savannah and all the items -- jewelry, prints, stationary textiles, etc. -- made by students. I would definitely visit that before wasting my time on the goofy pub where Julia Roberts spotted Dennis Quaid stepping out on her with some other chick in "Something to Talk About."

1600 Peachtree Stree

Enjoying the blog. Jim -- make sure to buy Jane something nice at the SCAD store.

Two Beer notes: Thank you for including a link to your friend's Beer and Wine place on the Outer Banks. Although I haven't been there in a LONG time - I now have a reasonable reason to visit...
Second item: I do hope that your Galeic Ale was better than when I tried it 4-5 years ago because as a homebrewer and beer snob I can say that it was THE WORST beer I have EVER tasted. It was so bad that (only the guys will get this) I went around the condo saying how bad it was and offering a taste - of course all the guys (no matter the age) HAD to try it and most spit it out...

Jim--I don't know if you are following it during your travels, but it's interesting to note that your alma mater,American University, may be the only local team going to the "Big Dance." George Mason has a shot, but none of the usual suspects. Maybe you'll be some place Friday nite where you can catch them on TV versus Holy Cross. Good luck to your Eagles.

........call me crazy , but isnt Fred flashing the same grin that Brad Pitt would - if he was having his chest scratched like that by Joan??Just asking...

You guys are a riot - I love reading this and wish I was roadtripping myself as you have made it all sound FAB!! Keep enjoying for all of us!

Can we get the recipe for that chicken dish? It sounds divine!

I do not know Tammy and Chip but believe they are exceptional people solely based on Fred's reaction. I truly have never seen a happier beagle. Dogs and children are rarely wrong. Cats are ambivalent unless you have tuna.

Thanks for the reco about Byrne & Eno's latest. Listening to it right now. So back at you -- one that is stuck in my car CD player -- "Countdown To Ecstasy" by Steely Dan. Wow, great traveling music. I can't believe this music is 35 years old.

One newsy note -- Ken Harrop will officially become an ex-AOL'er as of Tuesday. It's inevitable for all, but the slow (like me) keep hanging on :-)

Chuck, thanks for the Steely Dan recommendation. I have a few songs from that album, but need to download the rest...

Seeing that two people have requested the recipe for last night's dinner, I'll get it from Tammy.

I can't wait for more local beer reports.

And all the beagle flickage is inching me closer to volunteering at the shelter. I just worry that I'm too emotionally fragile.

Terry, I did like the Gaelic Ale, so maybe the product has improved in the past few years. :-) If Tammy and Chip sell it at their place, it has to be good.

Jim - if you guys are headed to Atlanta, please stop by the Georgia Dome Thursday night to cheer on my bubblicious Terrapins (they play NC State in a must-win...)

Also - probably too late now, but Sam & Omie's is a great little fisherman's bar & restaurant in Nags Head that would make for a good local lunch/dinner. Great softshell crab sandwich.

Loving the posts.

Jekyll Island, a beautiful little island where the Rockfellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts, and many of the financial elite of the 19th century chose to play. The Federal Reserve system was proposed there at a secret meeting in 1910. You can imagine all the yachts converging on this little island (there was no bridge from the mainland). http://www.jekyllisland.com/activities/historicdistrict.asp?tab=0 It's not that far south of Savannah and when you drive back towards Atlanta you can pass through Vidalia, where you find the real Vidalia onions, and Milledgeville, the capital of Georgia until 1868 (so Sherman didn't really burn the capital, just Atlanta).

Milledgeville is also notable as the home of Flannery O'Connor and the state psychiatric hospital. Better steer clear of the latter. (just a little tidbit I picked up from a job during law school dealing with the insanity defense).

Hey Tammy! Hey Chip!

Kathy: ;-)
Tuttle: You're such a troublemaker! (And hello, btw.)
Terry: I wonder if you got a bad bottle of Highland Gaelic? Try again. It's a session beer for sure. Nothing big or bold about it. Then again, maybe you just don't like it!
Recipe: I've forwarded it to Jim. I'll let him choose the electronic means of conveyance.
Keith: HI!

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