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March 10, 2009


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If you get to Atlanta -- you must go to the Varsity...it is a TRADITION

Have just started using Google Latitude too. It is an amazing service, but definitely not for the stalker-scared or anything-to-hide crowd.

Since I will take credit for turning you on to Rush, (which I agree, is good late night driving music) I will also suggest Springsteen, some Mellencamp, Coldplay and Nickelback, but never, ever, no matter how much of a Fanilow one is, should Barry be considered a good choice. Glad to see he's off the list so far:-)...and Joan, I'm sorry, but I know of no country music to suggest;-)!!!

Jim, I have driven through Georgetown SC a few times and I remember the smell and wonder if you saw the "tooth mobile"? Some areas have a book mobile to promote literacy, but it seems that the City of Georgetown has a greater need in the area of dentistry. My family's sick sense of humor finds this quite funny.

Ooh, Aimee Mann! Your iPod has most excellent taste.

And I think I can top Liberty Tax Service: There's a gas station in Leesburg, Va.—one of those multipump jobs, with the little booth in the middle—that has a sign advertising that the guy in the booth will do your taxes for you. You might as well just go directly to Leavenworth and check in for three to five. Somehow, the idea of H&R Amoco doesn't fill me with great fiscal confidence.

Totally agree with you: Pink Floyd wasn't made for driving. Might I suggest some U2? Under a Blood Red Sky (I Will Follow, Gloria), Rattle and Hum (Lots of songs) and All That You Can't Leave Behind (if you can tolerate their new stuff).

Oh, and the Poynter piece made you sound like you actually know what you're talking about ;-)

this is probably too late, but if you have a chance, eat at Hominy Grill in Charleston. Their Shrimp and grits and chocolate pudding are to die for.

Are you familiar with the band Ludo? They are upbeat but VERY dark and weird -- though I gather most of it is all in good fun (tongue-in-cheek kind of dark). They have a great song about Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana which should get you through any long driving nights near the Bayou . . . But if you spook easily -- don't listen to it at night if you are actually anywhere near Lake Pontchartrain!

I guess you all are too young to know the really
good driving songs.
See if you can get Thunder Road, sung by Robert
Mitchum (yes, THAT Robert Mitchum), and Maybelline, by Chuck Berry.

I'd suggest the Varsity, too (the Varsity Junior is near us), but you may want to exercise and eat right for a few days before (and have some tums on hand for later) Hope to see you in Atlanta!

Isn't it funny how beagles seem to have mastered the "who? Me?" look? Enjoying your blog!

I'm making you a CD mix ... stat.

I'm hooked, too. This is a great road story. Pictures are terrific. Years ago my friend D. Gorton and I were doing a story for the NY Times Travel section. We were in Hnederson, Kentucky. Newsies from the big sity didn't often breeze through town and people knew who we were. One morning a waitress winked and asked us how we liked going out with her friends? We didn't know what she was talking about, until we figured out that two sharpies must have impersonated us and scored. Your trip is bring back all the fun of people on the road. Drive safely. watch the fires. bob

Great stuff Jim and Joan!
If you detour through KC, (maybe for an Eagles game) You must eat at Oklahoma Joe's. It is great BBQ and you can fill-up the car while you are there... it's in a gas station. We also have a Three Dog Bakery for the pups!

When in New Orleans, have a burger at the Camellia Grill for me!


I'm very disappointed you missed the opportunity to use the title "Touring Inferno" - but I'm certain that was caused by the PTSD caused by the encounter with the fire. However, that won't diminish the joy of reading your reports! Kinda feels like I'm sharing the spot between the "boys" in the backseat.

So, Jane, are you mocking my taste in music? :-)

"Touring inferno"? Pretty good. "Hot dog"? Let me know when you get to Santa Barbara. I may be able to get you a local tour.

Mary Lou, is that "Thunder Road" song from the movie of the same name? Seen the movie, but don't recall the song...

Robin, we actually did eat lunch at Hominy today...

Beth, sounds like I'd like Ludo... Any recommendations on which album to download...

Jim, I will be VERY disappointed if Missouri is not a destination. I will only understand if we miss you b/c we are on Spring Break. We are between Iowa and Illionois (I can't believe I, a New Yorker know that). So... I really hope we make the hit list :)

Many thanks for the 'Paranoid Mom' announcement.

I think we should determine the itinerary actually. It's reality blogging with us voting you on or off the road.

If you're looking for an alternative form of entertainment while on the road, pick up a copy of Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley."


As road books go, it's pretty dated and kind of unintentionally funny.

The Eagles of The American University play at 4:45 pm on Friday. It sounds like you will be in Atlanta -- how 'bout a pit stop, a few brews and watch our Eagles win the Patriot League?

Also, while in Atlanta, and since I read you have a penchant for cemeteries, I suggest going to Oakland Cemetery. It's about a mile from Downtown on the east side of the city, right off I-20.

I agree with Beth - The Varsity - the original, not any of the Jr. wannabes is the best. It's across from Georgia Tech's campus at North Avenue off 75/85N.

And if you are a golf fan, you may want to check out East Lake Golf Club. It's the home of Bobby Jones and the home of the PGA Tour Championship. BONUS: I live in the neighborhood :)

Love your descriptions of events. Love also the beagle photo - that truly is a bonus! Safe travels.

Bachelor No. 2: Satellite; Forgotten Arm: Little Bombs.

Catching up on your trip...this is great. Keep up the late night Rush tunes, it will do you good!

And Go Eagles (my alma mater, too) :)

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