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March 11, 2009


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Wow. Can't find the words. Tongue feels swollen. Did I swallow a bee? What an inspiring thing (better word?). I want to be your dogs. First time I;ve said that. At first, I thought I was reading something religious, then FEMA related. Then I saw F & H.

Hank completely dominated by a Labradoodle. Pathetic, embarrassing, unacceptable. I blame ownership and the coaching staff.

Hi Joan and Jim,
I admit to free time jealously as I peruse the many details of your trip as I prepare budgets here at my desk. Coincidentally, I have another friend, Jim McMullen, who is riding his bike cross country as you are driving a similar route. Here is his site. http://jambl.net/biketrip/ Maybe you could catch up and meet (or at least check out each other's google earth positiong.) I think he is in Alabama now, but I figure, you've got at least a v-6 right? Have a great time. Shelley

Hi Jim and Joan,
Hope to see you at Pam's on Friday. Pam had told me this mornˆng Joseph and I have dental appointments at 1:30pm. We are going to a rock service Friday night with friends. The singers name is Rick Rack (sp). We have a bd party on Saturday and maybe Joseph first baseball game on Sunday. Its supposed to rain.

Dena, Stan, and Joseph

Here's a travel song for you: "Highway 81" by D.C. band Scythian --

No one has voted on this yet, but I'm definitely for the strike-through. For some reason, it seems more bloggy to me.

Also, how is it that scrambled eggs and toast get a 2 for nutrition when your get-me-to-a-cardiologist-stat sausage meal got a 1? It seems eggs and toast are pretty mild compared with that. I'm trying to figure out the scale for the nutritional section. What would be a 5?

DON'T change your headlines! They are perfect and my idea was just silliness. Yer the writer - I'm the pixel-pusher. The LAST thing I should do is make you feel like Hank after his encounter with the Labrawhateverthatwas. However, I did notice the nod to hollywood with today's headline - nicely done!

Music note: Forget about "country" - you can rock in the South with artists like Tom Petty, REM and B-52s. If you think you're not TOO far from Tennessee, try the obscure Webb Wilder with some GREAT drivin' tunes - check 'im: http://www.webbwilder.com/

Jim, Joan - Given that I lived in Atlanta for five years, here is my contribution: http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/ ... I know you aren't much for breakfast, but nothing beats their fresh strawberry waffle in the morning. Mmm.

And if you want lunch/dinner and like Mexican, this place was great ... we ate there every Friday night ... chicken fajitas ... http://www.losbravosmexicanrestaurant.com/ ...

And of course there is always the boring, yet reliable, Atlanta Bread Company http://www.atlantabread.com/ for soup/sandos.

Continued safe travels!

I think it was brilliant and wonderful that you posted real weights! I've been in Joan's range with very similar goals (achieved!) and you got major brownie points for pointing out that she is fit! Too many people think all women should be a buck twenty-five in order to be considered in shape and they really have no idea...
Y'all are both gorgeous :) Enjoy the Southern hospitality!

Robin and I just took a trip through Charleston and Savannah. One of my favorite places was Fort Pulaski, which is just south of Savannah by 15 miles or so. Yes, it's a fort... Yes, it's civil war. But it was so interesting to see the cannon marks in the walls of the fort.

I am loving this blog.

My dogs run around like crazy on the rare occasions they get bathed. I think they want to get their scent back, although I doubt Homer wanted to get all of his scent back when he got skunked a few weeks ago.


Amy, 1 is a meal where I make all bad choices. 2 means I could have done better, but not a artery-clogger... 5 would be a salad, grilled fish and no beer. :-)

Georgia music, you say?

How about a little R.E.M.? Or, for something a little less over-played, Athens's other band (no, not the B-52s): The Woggles:


Dear Jim & Joan-

I am a life-long dog lover and my daughter has two beagles..I absolutely loved all the pictures of Frank and Fred and enjoyed reading about your adventures..It can't be too easy travelling & sightseeing with your doggies but it sounds like you are having a grand time!!! Good luck -- A dog-crazed New Yorker

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