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March 14, 2009


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No Tour of Georgia this year. Now now we have the Tour of California, major international cycling event (more than 2 million fans turned out to watch but there probably weren't 200 words about it in the WashPost -- not that we want to be talking newspapers here!). And the Tour of Missouri brings the world's best cyclists back to the U.S. in the fall (and 200 more words in the Post). I have no idea what this has to do with your trip; I guess because you're in Atlanta and it made me think of the dearly departed tour. And everyone is talking about March Madness and I just don't care -- maybe about 200 characters worth. Thank goodness for niche journalism, eh?

Varsity never has good days. It survives on tourists and those with no taste buds (heavy smokers). The homeless Easter bunny photo didn't make it. Like you see that everyday. Love the Seinfeld reference very fitting. Enjoy your travels. Loved seeing Joan and meeting Jim and the kids. Go Eagles

Have you seen this! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/13/AR2009031301235.html

Two comments:

1) Those dachsunds are all kinds of cute.

2) Forget the QuikTrip. WaWa is the best minimart evvvvvvver. Check it out.

Oh, and go Eagles. Steve is working out his potential travel plans right now.

I too must put in a plug for the great and awesome QT! We discovered the QT on our trip out west a few summers ago. Must have been in South Dakota or Wyoming or somewhere. I had the exact same response when I saw the fountain drink section. NIRVANA!! (Have I mentioned that I have an unhealthy addiction to fountain drinks? Bottles and cans simply don't cut it anymore.) The kids went bonkers over the drink selections too. Any flavor fountain drink you could imagine, flavored syrups to mix in, smoothies, slushies -- you name it -- they've got it. Our son Alex still talks about QT -- we look for it on every trip. And though I haven't been to a WaWa in awhile, I did grow up with WaWa and it didn't come close to QT. OK -- to be fair, that was about 30 years ago. Perhaps they've updated.

When you get to Pensacola you should try going to McGuire's pub on the beach... I just moved down here a week ago and that place is pretty fun.

Personally, I wouldnt have even fed Fred or Hank the Varsity food. It is always bad.

Several things:

1) Diana G. wrote, "I have a question about Jim's profile: are you telling me that Jim really doesn't look exactly like Brad Pitt?? Joan has been telling me that for years!"
Does this mean that Joan has been saying that Jim does look exactly like Brad Pitt or does not look exactly like Brad Pitt? Could be read either way, methinks. :)

2) If Hank ever needs a new home he's coming here.

3) Love the photos of The Varsity (the lights are lined up really well) and the Peachtree Westin.

I think I can explain the confusion between Jim and Brad Pitt in these simple terms: Brad Pitt has six-pack abs. Jim has pony-keg abs.

Carolyn and I were wondering about the beagle story in the Post as well. It's been advertised on the radio the past several days. Until I came across the link above (posted by Fran)...we figured it was the two (four) of you.

We're enjoying the trip...thanks for taking us along!

The Varsity is great at 2:00 AM, and you gotta have the fried pie.

You'll love Phoenix! There's a QT every couple of miles. The kids and I make a trip at least once a week for the frozen slushees. Yum!

Thanks for making the comment about beagles. You hit the nail on the head. GREAT dogs, but they are very stubborn and VERY smart. We continue to enjoy your blog; Tamara is a writer (and John is a decent photographer, as well) and is getting ideas for our next trip. Go Spartans (Michigan State)!

I almost choked on my breakfast yesterday when I saw the article about a road trip with a beagle on the front of TWP's Travel section.

They totally ripped you off.

am traveling overseas, too much stuff on my iphone - can you delete me for the next three months/ thanks, your trip looks like a blast

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