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March 15, 2009


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"Living In The Past." Not written by: Mark McGwire.

I'm getting to know more and better about this country through your trip updates. Thanks for sharing!

One of my favorite versions of Comfortably Numb. Enjoy!


For years and years, my old man went to work in Winston-Salem by starting his day yummy breakfast biscuit from Hardees with a cup of Joe from Dunkin' Donuts. He had triple bypass in 1991, but that didn't stop his morning routine for another 15 years, where upon he retired altogether.

Check out the Monster Biscuit at Hardee's one morning. Don't buy it. Don't even think about it. But check it out. Hardee's breakfast menu is awesome.

I couldn't believe it when I turned to the Washington Post Travel section this morning and saw a story about a woman traveling cross-country with her beagle (for the second time). How unoriginal -- doesn't she know it's been done? (Actually -- it was a very nice article). But come on -- what are the odds?? She couldn't have had a labradoodle or a chihuahua? I'm still confident you'll get a book deal out of this thing. Between your writing and Joan's photos -- you can't lose. Keep up the good work!

I'm even more convinced Fred and Hank will get their own reality TV show and Jim and Joan will find themselves riding the backseat of the whole deal. Poetic comeuppance.

I'd say that arguably Fred and Hank are not merely riding in the back seat but rather they are being chauffeured about the country.

"Your raincoat, Monsieur Fred?" ;-)

The raincoats even have hoods? That's amazing. Reading today's Post I was convinced you all had made the cover of the Travel Section and wondered why only one beagle made the cut. But it wasn't Fred or Hank and that explained it.

Wait. That front page story is not you? Oh right. At first I thought they had decided to feature your blog and then to my utmost surprise I realize there is only one dog and one human. LAME. Also, I am a bit concerned that Joan has taken to eating fish sandwiches (period) but particularly at a fast food place. It makes the toilet paper incident look normal!

I think you've got a book deal too, so save some
bits for the book.
Then again, don't go by me, because my current
book is The Secret Diary of Harold Ickes. 1936-1939, and I'm finding it a real page turner.

Heard a promo on the radio for a Post story about a cross country trip with a beagle -- http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/13/AR2009031301235.html -- and thought maybe you'd sold out this blog for the MSM...whew.

Raincoats for dogs!? With hoods!? Enough said.

Fred and Hank look adorable in their raincoats. And I imagine all of you are happier that they're dry. Driving around with two wet, and therefore smelly, dogs -- not fun. Driving around wet -- not fun. Great idea. I wish I'd put one on Homer when he went out last night. He still smells like skunk, weeks later, and the rain only enhanced that odor.

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