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March 05, 2009


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Rarely have I laughed so hard. Jim, I miss you, but am so glad to have these missives to perk up my day. Can't wait to see how the actual trip unfolds.

Bon Voyage!

Thanks for a good laugh! I am eagerly awaiting
the trip.

I have smiled and chuckled through the first few posts. This one made me laugh out loud many times. Nice bright spot to the day. But do we all now need to live up to Joan's chic vacation wardrobe???

Wow, this is great. With Jim's prose and Joan's photos (I hear Jim takes some good shots as well), I might be able to get through two months without my good friend.

Looking forward to Jim's profile...

The Bag Balm story is hilarious! Hope you guys have a great trip!

"I don't believe Joan has eaten a McGriddle in six years."

Don't worry, I'm sure they're still in her system.

Have fun on the trip; looking forward to possible destinations for our upcoming spring break vacation.

This is spectacular. I can't wait to read more. You have a real gift for putting humor on the page (or, in this case, screen). Then again, I suppose it helps to have so many humorous things happen in one travel segment.


The pants story made me laugh so hard that I started crying. Looking forward to more tidbits like that. Have fun!

Really enjoyed reading about your travels and trials. Looking forward to the next installment!

Joan wears pants?

The manager story was a classic.

Hi Jim -
I grew up with beloved beagles in the family and look forward to the upcoming adventure with yours (and you and Joan, of course.)

Hm, I expected the tagline to be something more like "Fred and Hank take a trip across America chronicled by their two humans, Jim and Joan."

Bon voyage.

birds/dogs/citrus??! Joan always said it was Chanel #5..

LOL...that stuff that oozes from the dog's anal glands.. cannot be mistaken for channel #5. ;-)

When did you learn how to write?

We will warn the MSHP (Mo Highway Patrol) that you are coming back. Can't wait to hear what you have to "show" us.
You really should consider writing for a living...

You guys have the most interesting life! Thanks for sharing and what great pictures!

I remember those posts from the first time around, as well as the McGriddles and the declared need to stop eating them.

I laughed just as hard this time.

It was great.


oh jim and joan. I miss you guys both too much - this blog is hitting a special spot in my heart. Jim, your writing rocks and actually excited to read your new posts - and joan - ok, I really miss you. Best Boss Ever. Cheers on your road trip - look us up in Portland if you are coming our way.

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