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April 08, 2009


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Maybe you guys should write a marriage book about dividing up responsibilities. :-) Love the post!

Great posts, today!

On our trips, we each take a dog. And that means we each have poop patrol. I don't mind it so much--it has to be done. Spouse is less convinced, but if he's walking a dog, he picks up for the dog.

I am not a good car passenger. So I drive most of the time. Sounds like it's the same reasons you state. I knew we were in trouble when I went on a date with my then-fiance and we "raced" go-carts. I say that in quotes because I lapped him. MANY times.

I still have many questions about the technology--cameras, IPOD, and Blackberry in particular. I'll save that for email.

I love the splitting of the responsibilities, but I prefer the way we do it -- which is Mark pretty much doing everything. OK -- not true. To be fair, I'm the one running in and getting the fountain drink then making Mark stop an hour later so I can go to the bathroom. But seriously -- I must disagree with the "packing the car must be a gender thing" comment. I ALWAYS pack the car. I'm sure that Mark is more than capable -- I just happen to do a better job. Though our trips have never been quite as long as yours (3 weeks tops), we are packing for 4 people and sometimes 3 dogs. I've often taken a picture of the car once packed because I'm so darn proud of the job I've done. I laughed when I saw that you, too, photographed the great packing job that you had done at the start of the trip.
Looking forward to daily updates again!
Safe travels.

I would just like to let you know... the packing gene isn't gender related. At all. I was the the family packer growing up and am the family packer now. I approach the dishwasher the same way. My mother still quotes me to people saying "In the words of Lori, the dishwasher is NEVER full." I have had encounters with both my biological family, married family, and in-law family that did, indeed, involve the statements "This will never fit!" "Move over and WATCH ME!"

Ori suggested that perhaps it isn't a genger thing, but "a Jew thing" (which, being Jewish, he's allowed to say) but I disagree since my family isn't Jewish.

Perhaps it's a balance thing.

All I know is in 2000 when I went to Israel with Ori's family (6 adults and 1 mini-van with no trunk space) and we arrived at 4am and everyone said "This will never work" I lovingly pushed them aside (all to disbelieving eyes) and got everything, including the 6 adults, in the van. From then on, they would bring out their luggage and move aside.

I'm also good at packing a lot into a day. Maybe too much.

Jim-- maybe we missed out callings!

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