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April 06, 2009


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Maybe Joan should try using treats with you, as well. I'm sure that you'd be much more cooperative.


I wonder where you could get an invisible leash. Or is Photoshop something you'll do to the picture anyway so no worries about deleting the leash.

That's an interesting idea - if no one make them.. someone should... like those invisible bra straps.

Fred sure can make some faces. He's hilarious!

I constantly get amazed comments when I show people the photo of my four dogs, sitting attentively in a row on the back deck (you can see the photo at my blog http://dogdazeetc.blogspot.com/

What people don't know about this photo is that there is a series of 4 or 5 other shots where the dogs are looking every which way. We didn't think about the treats thing until that frustrating 5th attempt. Duh. But we always have them handy now after this great success.

call me crazy, but I prefer the "outtake" from last year's Christmas card.

I was thinking the same thing. I LOVE the outtake. That is totally BEAGLE.

Sunday, I talked to my friend, Jana, at Gone2theDogs (http://www.gone2thedogs.biz/) about that dog beer; she says it's liver-flavored water, basically. Interesting that Fred and Hank turned their beagle nosed up at it!

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