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April 08, 2009


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Happy Passover from your unplugged for Passover cousins in Atlanta! Love, Pam, Jack, Matt, Ben, Nate, Josh, Ozzy and Kobe

Wow, you guys are loaded for bear. How is it that you can make a dry topic like technology so entertaining? Could it be my life is as dull as that or are you just very gifted? Probably a bit of each ;)!

Funny you should post this today, I was going to ask what kind of camera Joan would recommend for everyday point-and-shoot use. You provide quite a service here. Well timed. Thank you.

Hey Paul -- I wouldn't recommend that one I have... it's not a great camera -- just small. Most people love the canon elph - I had one and didn't love it. The camera Jim is using.. The Sony is a great camera - it's a little bigger than mine and the elph -but not huge - decent zoom, nice sharp pictures with good color. That's the camera (or whatever is the most recent version of it) that I would recommend. dpreview.com is a great resource for cameras/lenses, if you aren't already using it.

Hey, I've studied the picture of all your gadgets and maybe it's because I'm old, maybe it's because it's 6 in the morning, likely it's because I don't have a doughnut, but nowhere do I see the "driveware"—your empty wallets. Googley-moogley.

I think you need to set up lessons for Luddites like me! Who knew!?!

Eeks, who knew that commenting here meant you were driving while crackberrying. From now only, only posting after dark in whatever timezone you are in.

Hey, if you can't get the subtle Reynolds-DeLuise dynamic as it relates to the Cold War, then, hey, that's your problem, but don't go trashing "Cannonball." OK, it was no Gumball Rally, that's for sure, I'll give you that.

And I will confirm that Jim is addicted to his Crackberry.

I'm drooling over Joan's camera equipment. *sigh*

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