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April 26, 2009


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Good thing you're heading to Yosemite on a weekday instead of the weekend, and before Memorial Day. That place is an absolute zoo in the summertime. The scenery is spectacular in the Valley, so everyone (and their dogs) tries to go there. Tuolumne Meadows is nice, too. If you want something a little more off the beaten path, go out the east side of the park (Tioga Pass Road) and look for a turnoff to the north, Saddlebag Lake Road. It's just a couple of miles to the lake. You can take a boat ride to the far end of the lake, where you can go for a hike around 10,000 feet. They'll come pick you up at a pre-arranged time.

It's outside the park, so I imagine there wouldn't be a problem with the dogs. However, the lodging in and around the park is not pet-friendly.

Jim, if you're lookign for something different to eat in the Palo Alto area:

Chez Sovan, cambodian food. cant say enough about it. In a strip mall (of course) at 2425 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA.

easy to leave the dogs in the car there (unless it's really hot). Open lunch and dinner. Order the chicken sticks (sach ang), the ginger chicken or beef, the shrimp salad is good, and the calamari with bell peppers and peanuts. Or whatever sounds good.

Hey Guys - Mom and Dad are with Liz until tomorrow in Oakland! Hope all is well - Pam, Jack, boys and dogs

In all honesty, I have to say I have much admiration for you guys and your relationship. If this stuff had happened in my "house".... d-i-v-o-r-c-e. Not that it was anyone's fault (um... except maybe that whole jack thing), but we'd be at each other's throats by now! LOL! Hope the rest of your travels are less eventful but just as fascinating for you and your devoted readers.

Ok-- Question. Did you get the donut tire replaced too? Do they do that? Because now it's waaaay past it's "50 miles" and Murphy's Law states you will get another flat if you have a crappy donut tire in the car. so????

I absolutely LOVE how imaginative your tribute to Chevy Chase and all those National Lampoon Vacation movies has become... you are a clever guy.
You ARE making all this up, right? Tell me I'm right. Please.

In today's Washington Post: David Kessler, former FDA head, now reformed overeater who has linked reactions in our brains to why we crave sugar, salt, etc... one rule of his "food rehab" plan: no french fries, ever. Couldn't help but think of you (and smile) when I read it. Just some food for thought...

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