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April 01, 2009


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White Sands National Monument looks amazing. In Southern Utah, not too far from Kanab, is a great state park called Coral Pink Sand Dunes-- http://www.utah.com/stateparks/coral_pink.htm. I believe it is leashed dog-friendly so the kinds could come explore with you some. While there is no sled rental, there is some amazing pink sand and dunes. You can check out some pictures we took here-- http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilanasage/534122858/. I recommend it-- definitely a different place in Utah.

On another note, I can't help but laugh at the obvious use of a hair mousse squirter on that Pepsi can. There's a mistake you don't want to make in the morning!

So much to comment on with this post. Never been to White Sands, but WOW, it looks fantastic.

So Joan is getting tired of hotel operators who use her name in ever sentence? I bet there is an online community for these poor suckers who have to deal with her relentless negotiating tactics. They devised this "name-calling" scheme as way to get back at her. Diabolical.

Love-love-LOVE today's Joan Pic Of the Day. Total scheming going on there. Trying to figure out how to get MORE treats, no doubt.

Even tho' you've devised a back-up plan, I'll miss the regular missives while you're gone.

Re: IMDB list -- not sure how to reconcile my love for Shawshank with my pride in being original.

I knew I shouldn't have looked at that IMDB list. "Shawshank" was a great movie, but the best of all time? Uh, no. It's not even the best movie of all time based on a Steven King novel; that would be "The Shining." "Pulp Fiction" is the fifth-best movie of all time? Really? The list got more and more depressing, until I saw "Fight Club" at number 21. Fight Club. Ahead of "Citizen Kane," "Taxi Driver" and "Lawrence of Arabia." Check, please.

The Shining? Ewww.

Of course Shawshank is #1 on that list. Same reason the Godfather is 2, Godfather II is 3, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is 4. It is made by middle aged grumpy guys with too much time on their hands.

I snet my list in already...

Thanks for planning to have posts go up while you guys take your leaves of absence from the trip. I'm particularly interested in Monday's edition, given that I'm six months away from being somebody's ball and chain. :-)

Love the photos of White Sand.

I was born in Albuquerque and lived in NM for 10 years so can fully appreciate the awesome-ness that is White Sands. I haven't been there since I was 10 years old, but I do remember it making an impact, which is hard to do on a 10-year old unless it involves sugar or movie stars. Glad Fred and Hank (and their human captors) enjoyed it!

Wow! That's all I can say about White Sands. I'm marking that down as a must-see.

And yes, that picture of the dogs is proof that beagles communicate with each other...in tag teams.

Spa or Fantasy draft....let's see. I think Joan gets the better end of the deal.

I also lived in NM -- in my case, for two years. It may be too late now, but you two HAVE TO HAVE HATCH. Chilies that is. Which is a staple in New Mexico. They serve it with everything. Turkey, eggs, hamburgers, you name it. New Mexican food is truly amazing...and one of a kind. You can find some in Northern VA at Anita's. But they are not as generous with their salsa and sopapias (spl?).

The G-man's graphic recall of your 1995 meltdown in the bathroom is different from watching a Jets or Mets game with you, how?

Awesome White Sands images. You could build a wonderful portfolio just from that site.

Whew, what relief. There won't be a Fred and Hank hiatus afterall. That was close. I wonder why we didn't start off knowing about this from the beginning so we could have a contest to see who would be your guest blogger(s) when you needed time off. I'll bet there are some Bruce fans, some poodle fans, some hermits, some haters on history who would like equal time. Not that I'm demanding or anything but once you got me hooked . . . are the boys that cute or is Joan's photography just that good?

Great pics of White Sands. Definitely on my must see list. I'm also interested to understand why the a-bomb site is only open twice a year to the public, but am too lazy to google it.

Excellent bonus beagle pics. They look like glamor shots for dogs!

Still thinking of the Adrian Belew discussion from a couple posts ago. Search Youtube for "talking heads rome 1980" to view some live footage of a Heads concert in Rome. Belew is featured on almost all tracks - check out Crosseyed and Painless and the Great Curve - freakin' awesome! And Tina looks very buff.

Finally to Jim: are you going to do some analysis of your Nutrition Ratings? Perhaps charting the values over time (getting better or worse?) or doing some regional analysis (better north or south of the Mason / Dixon or east /west of the Mississippi?). Just asking.

Keep up the good work, your travel (b)logs are fascinating.

I got to give you 5 out of 5 stars for a great reference to Esperanto. Well done!

Hi! Wow that is actually a hard question to name my top 5 - 10 spots in the USA.
Like you, in no particular order, and keeping in mind I haven't seen nearly as much of the country as you have:

Yellowstone National Park
Charleston, SC
Washington, DC/Old Town Alexandria, VA
Zion National Park
Cape Cod
Kauai, Hawaii
Minneapolis, MN (in the warm months)
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
Anyplace with rolling hills & horses grazing (does that count?)

Thanks for all your hard work on your blog -your "fans" appreciate the effort it must take!

Hank elevates his legs and ears to make a rear-guard attack on Fred.

Fred and Hank in the Battle of the Sands. Verdict: A draw.

Unbelievable. Stop by Hollywood and get those hounds a contract.

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