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April 09, 2009


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I can't be the only one who's astonished that Joan didn't unearth that weekend special during her exhausting, "just one more question" Columbo routine before checking in.

Or did she exempt the FireSky from that brutal interrogation because of those irresistible dog beds?

Sadly it was a poor timing thing.. the one darn time I made a reservation well in advance.. before the announcement of the fab weekend rate special. Did teach me to double check rates the day of check in.

I have to admit, the last time I was allowed to go to a Fogo de Chao, I looked very similary to Hank and Fred's new-found-friend, Bella. Kudos Joan for taking on the all-you-can-eat steakhouse.

Does knowing (and having performed - eew...) anal gland expression make up for my completely blank expression when it comes to fantasy baseball drafts? I even looked it up on the internet - still don't get it.

I'm with Joan - a week at the spa sounds divine! And those yummy dog beds... bow wow!

Just have to say, it's apparent I have no life...I missed you guys!!!

Glad you are back and we have more roads to drive!

Pardon me if I've missed but have you mentioned getting sopapillas with any of your meals? I've been waiting but if it's happened, I missed it. Can you re:blog, re: tweet or can one of the fans direct me to it?

If there are no sopapilla references, are they not a thing anymore? I love sopapillas. I hope you are getting plenty.

I'm starting to want a Beagle. Just sorry to hear Fred and Hank don't like the water. Is that typical of Beagles or just these guys? I'll do my research..

Okay, Jim...here's the question that demands answering...how many Nats were you lucky enough to pick up during the drafts???

OMG - you have to know that I was in Scottsdale when you were - I THINK and SO close to being at Firesky right when you were - stayed right down the road instead for 2 nights and ended up walking into a bar in old town Scottsdale on SUN April 5th only to see Gavin Magraw jamming in the bar...then stayed for 3 nights with a friend in Scottsdale and saw an old AU friend in Tempe - CRAZY!! I am sure we drove right by you!! enjoy !!

Royelen, I"m a huge fan of the sopapilla and it's not like we are eating well anyway... Hopefully we can grab some before we leave New Mexico.

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