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April 10, 2009


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i think the Segway is up there with weakest looking transport for security/cops....

"There are only a few ways I can think of to look less imposing as a security guy: a tricycle, pogo stick and a Big Wheel."

To this list, I would also add a Segway. The only reason I can see to give cops a Segway is to give the criminals a good laugh as they're speeding away in their getaway car or running downstairs.

Very much enjoying the blog. Will we be seeing you in Austin next week?

Looks like someone already beat me to the punch on the Segway suggestion. Oh well.
Also -- I do get Fantasy baseball (and football and basketball) since my husband had been "playing" for years when we met. He finally retired 2 years ago because he couldn't keep up with the 20-somethings who were researching round the clock and picking up replacements for Mark's injured players before he even knew his player had been injured. But I was prohibited from complaining about fantasy baseball as his winnings in 1992 paid for my engagement ring . . .

Jim, I'm a big sports fan, and have been for far longer than fantasy leagues have existed. I can get on board with the idea of money changing hands around sports. However, I refuse to participate in ANYTHING that has the word "fantasy" in it. It's the sports equivalent of being a Trekkie. Really. But I'm sure you already know this. Live long and prosper, dude.

While you could wind up looking silly in a uniform for a fantasy camp, I suspect you get a meal out and a few great stories from an often drunk former major leaguer out of the deal. Whereas in fantasy baseball a la Jim, you could have someone enter your bedroom at, say, 3 in the morning and tell you the following cryptic sentence: "Jose Offerman, four for five, three runs." And then close the door, thinking this is perfectly acceptable behavior. Then again, I've heard people can make a really good living on television doing that very thing. But maybe that's just talk.

I'm a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. My sisters and I did a trip to western Pennsylvania specifically to see Falling Water. Also, while I was on assignment in Chicago one time, one of my sisters came to visit (I was staying in a corporate apartment, 25th floor, with views of the beautiful rooftops of the Chicago skyscrapers) and we took the bus from downtown to Oak Park (an experience, I must say) and toured his home and studio and took the walking tour of the many houses he designed in the town. Oak Park is a great side trip when in Chi-town.

I agree with visiting Oak Park. My husband is a huge FLW fan, and was very jealous when I traveled to Chicago to sing at a wedding at the Unity Church he designed (http://www.oprf.com/unity/). We have a few houses designed by him here in Michigan, too...one not far from the MSU campus.

Rainbow! I think I saw them with John Adams when I was in h.s. or college with some German heavy metal band opening for them whose name escapes me now! So funny. I think that's why I hear a ringing in my ears all the time now! LOL!

Scorpions! That was their name. 6/19/82 Madison Sq. Garden! Oh yeah.

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