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April 10, 2009


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I have to disagree about beagles & water -- I have two plus foster for beagle rescue, and I have never seen any of them want to get near water of any kind, though I have heard about the occasional beagle enjoying a swim. I'd say it's pretty rare.

I agree with the previous poster. Every beagle I've had--save maybe one--would never voluntarily go swimming. And you'd think the ground was on fire if it has been raining...they typically hate going outside in the rain. Snow, yes. Rain, swims, or baths--no WAY Jose.

We're waiting to see if Jake likes the ocean when we go down to Myrtle Beach, but I won't hold my breath. He hates getting wet from rain or baths, but loves to romp in the snow.

Do you have any thoughts as to why beagles sit side-saddle? The beagles I know sit that way most of the time, but I haven't seen any other dogs do this.

Hope you guys have some more fun adventures! It's a great break at work. :)

My beagle, Gus, loves a bath. After a bath, he cries at the bottom of the stairs because he wants to go back up to the tub. I haven't had him in the water other than a bath and rain, though. I don't want to get a ticket for having my dog on the sand - they spend their time and my tax money enforcing that around here unfortunately - even in the off season. Like there's no crime in Stamford, CT, other than the odd chimp attack. Plus the L.I. Sound is pretty gross most of the time.

The story of the cell phone talking, lettuce eating mom (the salad dressing improv moment is precious) and the roasted chicken skin eating kid disturbed me. I know I have bad parenting moments, but come on... Costco needs to give free hand outs on "family meals- where, when and how to have them". That poor kid's destiny is probably not going to break the cycle. On your return trip through Tucson in 20 yrs (maybe sooner, I'm watching "Juno"), you'll see him doing a repeat. I know it's judgemental, but it's true.

Our beagles hate baths, but are perfectly happy to go for a walk in the rain (as long as it's not a total downpour). They've never been swimming, so I can't speak to that. They LOVE the snow.

Fascinated by the woman at Costco. Ketchup, relish and shove a bunch of chicken skin in her kid's mouth. Just wondering what she was talking about.

Jim, I think we need some details on the Cleveland Indians hat. Is it a secret message to your readers? Foresight into the Indians' ruination of the Yankee's opening day? Or, simply a nod to this Tribe fan?

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