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April 11, 2009


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Hank was just trying to outdo Fred with a Yoda impersonation...


No idea if this is connected but your random alarm clock status reminded me of the old clock radios that used to do this with whatever PDA I had. I eventually realized that when the PDA was next to the clock radio, I heard static every time the device checked for new email (yes, I had it set to check email that often!).

LOL! "As the inebriated gentleman in front of me was paying, the charming girl at the register looked up and screamed out, "I need some fucking change up here!" Then she disappeared."

For some reason this feels like a missed opportunity for even more humor...

Looks like to me Fred's singing Ave Maria. I'm sure the acoustics there are fabulous.

Best debut album? Murmur, R.E.M., 25 years ago.

Some of my favorite music on driving trips is Paul Simon. His lyrics are so evocative, and his voice so calming, I think it's perfect, especially out west. My current favorite CD is not to everyone's taste. It's Jerry Hadley's "Standing Room Only". It's almost all broadway showstoppers. Jerry is the wonderful American operatic tenor who committed suicide a couple of years ago. He was one of the few opera singers who could truly cross over to more popular song. So sad that he's gone, but this CD is a gem.

Van Halen I. I'd even go further. Best single SONG Van Halen ever did - Eruption into Running With the Devil, first song, first side, first album.

(Does it make me old that I still say "side" and "album?" Hmmm.)

Joan, that last photo of the Morenci Mine is fabulous!!

Gas for 389 miles: $30
Entrance fee to The Thing: $1
Equipment upgrade at PetSmart: $40
Seeing Fred and Hank posing in 40mph winds: priceless!

i have to read the blog still, but just wanted to say: "you are still in Arizona?" make a right or left and stick w/ that line you may make it out!

Best debute albums: U2 Boy (and not just cause I finally procured tickets to see them this fall); The Police Outlandos D'Amour; I also agree with the REM comment above.

When I was a kid, thanks to my father being a school teacher, every summer we would hit the road towing a trailer. We encountered many, many cattle guards.

My dad told my sister that they were actually tunnels, so the cows could cross the road in safety, while confiding in me that this was not a true statement of fact. Then, when we would cross the guards, my dad would make a mooing sound.

My sister, being a tad more gullible than most, kept looking out the window as we drove over guards, trying to see the cows...

I didn't let her live it down for years.

I haven't thought about this for quite some time, so thanks for reminding me about this. I'll have to call my sister and moo for her.

Though most of our foster beagles have been of unknown lineage and none have particularly liked the water, I can attest that our two beagles are just as spoiled (and probably much lazier) than Fred & Hank and definitely choose sun over swim.

Best debut album by far is Elvis Costello, 'My Aim is True'.

Perhaps there were fences at one time next to the cattle guards and they have since been taken down, but rather than laying down new asphalt they left the cattle guards?

What awesome pictures of the mine - aren't the colors beautiful! Our love, Pam, jack & Boys

For Easter Sunday, all around the world we are anticipating a visit from the Easter Beagle, bringing us white chocolate hollowed bunnies, gourmet jellybeans, yellow peeps and, of course, Cadsbury eggs.

But who brings goodies to the layman beagles if the Easter Beagle is afoot?

Re: Best debut albums: "The Doors" is a must-add. Songs include "Break On Through," "The Crystal Ship," "Light My Fire" and "The End," as well as concert staples "Alabama Song" and "Back Door Man." Oh, and "Twentieth Century Fox" is one of their more underrated tunes. Not only has it stood over time, but when it came out in 1967 there was nothing that sounded like it. A former newspaper colleague said when he first heard the album at a party, he listened to it twice and promptly stole it so he could keep it. And it is a keeper.

From my father in-law, a true Okie with cattle experience (oil would have been better) regarding the cattle guards (not that cows aren't really stupid):

"It would not be being used as a cattle guard without a fence attached to both sides. Either the fence is no longer there or it is being used as a drain to get water from one ditch to the other and still allow vehicles to cross."

Enjoying the blog, Jim.

Adding to the list of best debut albums ... Sinead O'Connor, The Lion and the Cobra. Her more recent albums are terrific, too, but nothing compares to the raw, angry energy on the debut. By the way, bonus quote from 10-year-old Annika today as we listened to Sinead, "'No Man's Woman' -- I've got to put that on my iPod."

Joan, this was definitely the best "pic of the day" thus far. Safe travels.

"...the charming girl at the register looked up and screamed out, "I need some fucking change up here!'"

I started leaving a voicemail for a client when I read this. I had to stop and hang up. Hilarious.

Funny enough, there are also people in our newsroom shouting "I need some fucking change up here!" Coincidence? I think not.

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