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April 14, 2009


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Your picture of Silverton brought back such memories of the Salsburg family trip out west one year. We stayed at the worst hotel in Silverton - the type of hotel where you are afraid to sleep in the beds for fear of bugs. But, in the middle of the night, the entire town was lit up - with the most beautiful view of the Milky Way which we had never seen in such magnitude. Safe travels - Pam, Jack, Matt, Ben, Nate, Josh, Ozzy & Kobe

Great post! You've done Colorado proud. Kendall is from Montrose, which is just a little bit past Ridgway, so we know that entire area well. And we will probably be heading out there for a week this summer. Living in the Boulder area makes that relatively easy compared to when we were on the east coast.

If you happen to go back through SW Colorado in the summer and you're the camping type, there's a really great lakeside camp site at Molas Pass (find it in Google Earth at 37°44'11.22"N, 107°42'11.51"W). You drive past it before the descent into Silverton. The night sky there is incredible (especially in October, when you can see meteor showers that almost make you want to run for cover), followed by some great hiking along the Colorado Trail in the morning. Dogs love the water, too -- although that may not work well with Frank and Hank in the car.

Silverton is my favorite place on earth, but only in the summer. If you go there in the middle of Winter you may not be able to get out. They get insane amounts of snow.

Town names: don't ever move to Kill Devil Hills.
"Three words. First word is Kill like murder. Second word is Devil like Satan ....." It's why everyone here orders online -- so we can TYPE the name and not have to suffer through that conversation.

What other places are on the towns-to-return-to list?

Watch out for black ice! (Not that you can see it...) I hit some in the Southwest once and kinda extended my stay.

Okay, I have some GREAT mountain music for you. I always play it when I'm entering the Smokies: Mysterious Mountain by Alan Hovhaness. It is what I think the mountains sound like.

Ohmygosh I think I'm going to puke after watching the video. Car-sick. Ugh. ;) Kidding. Loved it, natch.

I just groaned with envy reading this post. I told my sister that the San Juan Skyway MUST be on our itinerary when we make our trip out West (that would be after Miller leaves us, so hopefully years from now). What a great day! Green with envy, I am.

Thank you! The bonus bonus beagle photo was
It's a favorite dachshund pose too.
Mesa Verde is a great place, though I've
never been to Silverton.
The drive along the Arkansas River to Canon City is beautiful, if you're going to be near there.

I don't know if this has been covered, but Carolyn and I have noticed that when Fred sits, it tends to be on his "haunch", with one of his legs turned under, rather than having both feet (paws?) on the ground. Hank seems to take what seems to be the more standard approach of sitting with both legs supporting him.

Does Fred avoid sitting on that second leg because of his surgeries?

(Is this something that's actually worth a comment?)

Thanks again for this fantastic travelogue. And you aren't alone, Jim...I'm a huge fan of the film score.

Joan, while the video did make it look like Jim was driving much faster than he was... I have to say... being in the car... I also felt like puking. ;-)

Jim, Hi to you and Carolyn. Fred has had that sloppy sit since the first knee injury. We've done a lot of physical therapy and now I think it's more habit than anything else. He's sits perfectly when I take him in for check-ups. Interesting, in the past few days-- He has been sitting more "pretty" and Hank has been a little more sloppy so who knows.

I had gotten way behind on my FHMA due to excessive amounts of work and bonus ex-related stress, but managed to catch up over the last two days. I am now officially amending one of my favorite sayings, "It's impossible to be in a bad mood at the dog park" to "It's impossible to be in a bad mood at the dog park or while reading FHMA." Thanks very much for brightening my mood!

Oh, and can we still count on you for the SPJ San Diego awards banquet June 25? It's at the Bali Hai on the bay, and I'll buy the mai tais.

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