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April 15, 2009


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Which version of the Elvis song were you listening to? I love the one where he's laughing.

Loved the story/video about the wild dogs. Glad you guys are safe.

Hey Joan and Jim, don't think that you aren't just as important as Fred and Hank on this trip. Someone has to drive the car, and someone has to see to the Beagles daily needs for food, water and walks. So, yeah, sure, you guys are very important, and I do worry for your safety, as you are the ones responsible for the precious canine cargo that you are carrying. Yay. \o/

Great pictures---particularly of Canyon de Chelly National Monument (it looks like a cathedral! Way cool!) and the beags! But then again, I've never seen a beagle a camera didn't like.

I agree with DeniseV's sentiments. Without you two, the beagles would have to walk this trip!

Philip Glass. One of my favorite composers. Nice choice for driving music.

It won't really matter what music you guys listen to the rest of the trip. You probably have lost your hearing due to being in an enclosed area with two barking beagles. That'll take out an eardrum or two. That was great - love the video!

I will bet that the wild dogs have probably pulled this trick a hundred times. In fact, they looked like they have been well fed.

Maybe food was the "toll" they were expecting to receive from you.

(I agree...the fuzzy one was cute!)

Fry bread, eh? OK, consider this an intervention: You've got to read this story by Malcolm Gladwell about French fries:

This piece is truly scarifying, and may (healthily) put you off French fries for some time. Indeed, when it originally ran in the New Yorker, I read it--I am not kidding about this--while eating a large order of fries at an In N Out in Los Angeles. Midway through the story, I pushed the remaining fries away from me. Key phrase: " 'What we have with the french fry,' Rozin writes, 'is a near perfect enactment of the enriching of a starch food with oil or fat.'"

Food for thought, as they say. Or something like that!

I wouldn't worry about the wild dogs yapping at Fred and Hank from outside the car. I would worry if I saw the wild dogs behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, frantically chasing Dennis Weaver's red muscle car down the highway.

I have seen various packs of wild dogs in deserts in the Southwest over the years and it always unnerves me. The most recent incident was in Las Vegas. We were driving back to Arizona after vacationing and we stopped to let Emma play at a park in a neighborhood that I used to work in on the edge of town. It is a nice park for kids and it sits on a hill right next to Nellis Air Force Base and you can often see the Thunderbirds practicing their air show routine.

So we are sitting there eating sub sandwiches, watching the planes, and letting the little one play, when a pack of dogs comes trotting up out of the desert. Emma loves dogs so she immediately wanted to run over -- but we called her back. The dogs looked at us as they trotted by but did not act aggressive. Still -- it was not a fun experience.

Since you are going to Vegas here are some off-the-strip suggestions:

Mt. Charleston
The Nevada Test Range
Hoover Damn (of course)
Valley of Fire State Park

Very clever title for today! You should be proud.

Oh...and that third dog? Beelzebub!

I can't decide which is more majestic -- the Canyon de Chelly photo or the post-Cujo Hank photo. Love, love, love reading about the FHMA tour. I've even gotten random co-workers reading it now, too.

Hey guys, now you are in my old stomping grounds--pretty spectacular stuff. If you get a chance when you get to Las Vegas head out to Red Rock Conservation Area and/or Sloan Canyon Wilderness. Great respintes from the glitter of downtown and--no self interest here--part of the National landscape Conservation System, the nation's newest conservation system. If you can at all get to Oatman Arizona (on old Rt. 66) that's also worth a stuff. Funky, cliche, and where Clark Gale and Carol Lombard honeymooned--sltho' you'll wonder why!

The "getaway" video is worthy of Bonnie & Clyde. You two were engulfed in giddy laughter -- loved it.

Really Jim, you traveled through Monument Valley without firing up the soundtrack to "The Magnificent Seven"?

Agree great pics - what kind of camera are you using??

I was just reading through several of these posts including one where you mentioned the odd episode with the doors not wanting to close/lock. I couldn't tell for sure, but assume you meant that the electronic locking system was not letting you lock the doors? If so, we have had this problem occasionally when we had parked near some electrical grid system, like a transformer or a large power line, or the Metra train tracks in Chicago. Something interferes with the lock mechanisms and they either won't lock or won't unlock. Could that be what this was? Maybe there is nothing wrong.

To heck with "The Magnificent Seven," where was the "Once Upon a Time in the West" reference? Some good movie music too. Or you could just go with Arcade Fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyp34v6Lmcc

Hey Jamie - I'm shooting with a 5D mark II. Jim is shooting with a Sony cybershot DSC-v3. The Sony is about 3 years old -- a really great camera (i'm a cyershot fan in general). Unfortunately, and perhaps due to Jim's ahem.. less then gentle care... the little electronic lens cover isn't closing properly -- so I'm thinking he may be up for a new camera soon.

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