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April 16, 2009


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You talk of the Hoover Dam reminds me of when we drove over it when Ilana was a mere 3 months old. We were coming back from Prescott (a memorial service), it was DRIVING rain (pun sort of intended), and the drive across the dam was at a super duper crawl. And Ori had to pee like crazy. And Ilana had a dirty diaper. So here we are... driving. We spot a porta-potty part way down the hill. We pull in. Ori runs over and does his business. Ilana is screaming. He comes back. We are standing in the pouring rain with her on the backseat changing the diaper. We are drenched. I think she stopped screaming. We continued our drive. THAT is my Hoover Dam experience. Memorable!

Great post, again, but you missed a golden opportunity by not playing "Hoover Damn" by Sugar when you were at the, ahhhh, Hoover Damn!

Kudos on the shot of sunlight peeking out at the Grand Canyon w/ the tourist overlook in the foreground. You don't get to see that everyday!

A couple of things:

1. For your next trip:

2. I really think you should send your mother a special edition of FHMA, omitting stories/pictures of you guys at the edge of cliffs during wild winds, driving through dust storms, driving along the edge of mountains, 105 mph drives, dealing with wild dogs, etcetera, etcetera.

In the interest of making you feel like eating two burgers on Navajo fry bread is not so bad, check this "burger" out:


I heard about it on NPR this morning; it's the equivalent of 9 Big Macs. Enough said.

Ahhh, dust storm memories of home! I was once camping at Lake Powell when a dust storm came through. It was all we could do to keep our tents from blowing away. Years later, I'm still finding sand in my gear!

Great dust storm video.

That was my favorite sign when I visited Canyon de Chelly! I was on a trip to the reservation in Ganado, AZ. If you have time the next time you go through there, swing by Fluted Rock which is two steps from the canyon. Gorgeous views.

Ah, dust storms. One of my top ten reasons for moving away from the Southwest. During those storms in Lubbock I walked around with a damp cloth over my mouth -- INSIDE THE HOUSE. Ugh.

You thought you needed to be all fancy, using Google Latitude for readers to see where you are on your trip. Turns out all we needed was your friendly, neighborhood pack 'o wild dogs to track you.

As for your comment re: "Fred is a dog, and thus unable to communicate his feeling about hotels to us humans." I beg to differ and refer you back to FHMA, Days 27-33, when you sojourned at the FireSky Resort in AZ. The photos of Fred and Hank in those special, extra-fluffy doggie beds say it ALL about how they felt about their hotel stay.

I am reallly enjoying your videos - they add a new element to your postings. Also, Peter Gabriel is a GOD. Just thought I'd mention that.

Hiatus?! I checked Variety Magazine. With coast-to-coast celebrity status and headshots by Joan, here's a perfect opportunity for Fred and Hank!

"MOVIE EXTRAS are the actors in the background who make scenes look realistic and alive in the background of movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, sitcoms and reality shows. Movie Extras get paid up to $250 a day for filling spaces, standing around, moving around or sitting (3 of their greatest talents!).
"You may be asked to ride a bicycle, play cards, drink coffee in a coffee shop, or simply talk to someone." (ok, Fred riding a bike may be a stretch, and Hank's trying to cut back on caffeine, but still...)
* No Experience or Education Needed
* Meet Celebrities
* Work Flexible Hours
* Competitive Pay
* Opportunity to break into Acting or Modeling

Why not give it a shot! We may see 2 beagles up on the big screen coming soon!

You are so close to Burger Bar! It's right downstairs...

Question on the dust storms, since i've never been in one: how does that affect the air in the car? do you just shut off the vents/turn on the AC?

As always, a fun, educational and interesting post! Thank you and enjoy Vegas, baby.

More on the dust storms: That same weather system dumped a foot of snow on the mountain here in Park City - and it all had a weird yellow-red tint to it from all the southern Utah dust mixed in with the snow.

I lived in Texas for one loooooong year back in the 80's. I survived two dust storms, a horrendous ice storm, gigantor-sized cockroaches, and a general dull time. This was Arlington, between Dallas and Fort Worth. I am not a fan, except for the Tex-Mex. And yes, the dust gets absolutely everywhere. Ugh.

Loved today's posts. Canyon be Chelly is definitely on my list for my next visit out west. The Grand Canyon? I'm not sure yet.

Claudia -- you don't really see the dust in the car, but you definitely sense it -- mostly as a taste and grit in your mouth. My family hit a nice one in Idaho or Utah on our way to Colorado about 15 years ago.

The visability from your dust storm seems similar to driving in tule fog, which is really thick fog where your visibility changes rapidly. I teach in a rual area and this year was a really bad fog year.

Also, it is nice to know that the Four Seasons will take Beagles. Although if we ever took our Maggy we would have to "fib" about her weight being under 25 pounds.

Jim and Joan, my 8-year-old daughter and I read this post together this morning (yes, we're a bit behind), and you're making it tough for me to fend off her requests to get her a dog. She was transfixed by your photos (now calling each pooch by name), and especially loved the pic of Hank's big old ears flapping in the wind. I loved the Grand Canyon sunshine photo, but was reminded with your cliff shots why I've avoided the Canyon on trips to Arizona. Some day I'll get over my fear of heights... Thanks for sharing your experiences! Best, Chris

Hey Kelley - In the spirit of full disclosure... when Jim wrote.. "Now, we might be able to stretch the truth a tad and claim Fred weighs less than 25 pounds..." he probably should have added, "and we did!"

Wow - I was at the Dam in October and it's interesting to see how much more of the Colorado River Bridge has been completed in 6 months. And your picture's WAY cooler!

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