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April 20, 2009


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Ok, I apologize for this in advance, but I think I know why Hank finds Fred "such a pain in the ass." (Sorry, couldn't resist).

We have a similar situation in my family. My sister Deb's Rat Terrier mix Bernie is known as the "Play Nazi", as every time a dog plays, either with a toy or another dog or person, he barks, incessantly. He also is the "Making the Bed" cop and hall monitor for Deb and her boyfriend Darryl kissing. He definitely knows what he doesn't like.

One of my beagles, Heidi (RIP), didn't like raised voices--she would slap her paw on our face or get between the two people whose voices were raised.

Laughed out-loud at the porn.

Joan, Zeus is a coton too! Baxter's looks well groomed, unlike Zeus who looks a little like a rat after being out in the rain. It is so exciting to see another coton.

My dog, Casey, also chipped off the bottom of my door. Does that mean he wants to get away? :-)

Loved today's post, and I have to share this favorite with you.

So sweet one day and then the next BAM!! HAHAHA

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