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April 20, 2009


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Can't help see a trend when Jim is out of the pictures for a couple of days ... that is, a noticeable lack of burgers and fries in your dining options?

Incredible photos, Joan. You are a true professional, and obviously very patient. Your Beags have sure put on a show the last two days. Humpfest not withstanding. I laughed heartily at today's report. Although, the question persists, walking Beags in heels? As we sometimes say in the Chicago area, what are you, goofy?

Missed the Mark…

Bad news, it would seem that the FHMA team may need to return to Four Corners! Per ABC News story the marker is actually off by 2.5 miles. Will we see more pushups in Jim’s future?


I agree the photos are amazing. So much fun to see dogs at play! Sorry for my earlier dirty joke, Fred and Hank. I know you're really good boys, not naughty numpkins. That's what I have in my house: naughty numpkins. Is numpkin a word? Hmmm... possibly too much wine with dinner tonight :).

Why were you wearing heels? Were your sneaks in the wash?

At least neither dog ended up needing doggie CPR like my Miniature Schnauzer, Homer. He went swimming with his big brother, Blue (a labrador mix) who decided to play dunk-a-puppy with Homer until he went tail up and sank to the bottom of the pool. One painter doing work at the house dove in and dragged him to the surface. I ran outside to see him laying lifeless by the pool. Another contractor had just had CPR training for animals and set to work giving him mouth-to-mouth err...muzzle resucitation. We got Homer to the vet in time and after five days in an oxygen tent he was fine. The only difference was he was calmer and more affectionate. On reporting this to said contractor, his father replied "Hey, you should try that with your girl friend..."

The reward to this family run contracting business? "Please stop working now as we can't afford you after the vet bill." Happily we brought them back awhile later and they finished the beautiful job they started and Homer trotted happily around after the crew looking for more "personal time."

Here's a romantic birthday or anniversary gift you can surprise Jim with in the future:
Be sure to watch the video with sound on. hahahaha Gotta love those beagles.
The best was when we had a male foster beag. Our resident "pool cop" didn't want to play but the foster did. It usually ended up with poor Alex, the foster, underneath our neutered male beagle who was humping his head. Alex thought it was a terrific game.

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