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April 22, 2009


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Jim - If any one wants your hat to purchase, try Starstruck.com for baseball hats of any sports kind - they have the best selection! - Pam & Jack & Boys

Yep. The beagles live the life of Riley!

I want to see a photo of the haircut!

"This place has been great on all fronts. And since it lies pretty much right between Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park, we're even going to sleep here for a third night. This will make it the third-longest stay at any hotel on the trip"

I'm thinking Joan wants to be admired "as the coolest" for one more day. :-)

Where's the picture of Joan?

You know, Fountains of Wayne wrote a song about a woman who has "got it going on..."


But this is something folks from outside of Barstow have known for some time. :-)

To go 66 miles in 10 minutes, you'd need a...what's the word I'm looking for...um, oh, yes: plane.

A sleeping dog is a good dog.

Um, I'd like to know what entitled lunch even *1* nutritional rating. Chicken can't even be considered remotely good for you after going through what it went through to become KFC goodness.

Regarding Sonja's comment, are we even sure it is in fact "chicken"?

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