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April 23, 2009


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That doggy pool story brings to mind one of my own: Years ago my sister had a friend who bought a foreclosed house. The previous owners were mad about being kicked out so they basically poured every chemical they could find (and some road kill apparently) into their pool. My sis's friend hadn't cleaned up the pool yet because it was an official environmental clean up site. When my sis and family went over to see her friend's new house, they took their bulldog, Sherman, with them. Sherman wasn't the brightest light in the world. Not realizing the pool was not solid ground, he stepped in and immediately did what bulldogs in water do: sunk like a stone! The witnesses briefly debated sacrificing Sherman to the pool gods, but then eventually my sister's friend took charge and jumped in to retrieve Sherman from bottom of the toxic waste dump of a pool. They all had to run inside, strip, and get complete scrub-downs - including the dog! Now that is puppy love!

Wha, no Roy Rogers Restaurant on the Happy Trails Highway? That just can't be. Back in the day, a Roy's roast beef sandwich was tough to beat. First place I recall seeing with a fixin's bar.

Fixin's bars...Do you remember Burger Chef? They had them, too.

Laughed about the tree story, and as usual, enjoy the photos!

You guys were about 30 minutes away from the place where my fiance and I are getting married. Did you see signs for Idyllwild? It's a little mountain town on the "Palms to Pines" driving tour. Anyway, this leg of the trip is making me nostalgic.

Amy's comment about being 30 minutes away from where she's getting married made me think that you were also "about 30 minutes from getting divorced," based on your 2003 dune buggy experience.

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