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April 25, 2009


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Jeez, glad you guys made it out in one piece from Death Valley. I hate in when a loose end from a previous mishap finds its way to affect another situation. But we have all been there.

"The Core" is one of my all time favorite Clapton songs. Love the way his cover of "We're All the Way" precedes it. Have you listened to any of the Rossington-Collins Band? "Don't Misunderstand Me" and "Opportunity" are two great tracks.

Hopefully by now you have both the car and beagle repaired :-)

With all due respect and affection, somehow I'm not surprised that a guy who doesn't know what an axle is would drive a luxury car without a jack into the desert in Death Valley. I'm just sayin'...

Damn, Potts beat me to a really good punch.

Death Valley is really a misnomer. It's actually a graben, not a valley.

All I know is that this was in my geography textbook in college.

You played "The Core" in Death Valley because of the lyric, "is the hottest part," didn't you?

Your excellent tale about the missing jack and the Good Samaritans reminded me of a family trip to Ireland (a.k.a., Land of Insane Roadways) when we got a flat, tried to jack up the rented, dinged up Honda with a flimsy jack whose handle actually broke off, mid-lift, and the Good Samaritan -- an ex-trucker from Long Island visiting his sister -- came to our rescue. Good Samaritanship is an under-rated virtue, and it isn't until you need someone with that quality that you truly, deeply appreciate it.

Love that big beagle grin :) I'm enjoying your California travels ~ have fun up North!

Your advenetures in Death Valley took me back to may days in Needles! I once actually managed to get three flat tires in one day somewhere around Hole in the Wall in the middle of the western Mojave. Fortunately my radio worked (government didn't spring for cell phones in those days and they probably wouldn't have worked out there anyway. I survived, much like you, through the good graces of neighboring ranchers and a couple of BLM rangers. You shouldn't have these problems when you get to San Francisco.


Mark, thank you for saying what we all were thinking.

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