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April 29, 2009


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In and Out is very good. But Five Guys is better. Sorry, Californians. At least you now have your own Five Guys branches out there. We'd appreciate a few In and Outs in the East in return.

And a good book on the big sequoias is Robert Preston's "Wild Trees," which literally climbs to the top and finds a whole 'nother ecosystem up there. Good read.

Just an FYI - Your Spike link...

"You have attempted to reach a site on the Internet to which access has been blocked. Access to web sites of this nature violates the firm's standards regarding appropriate usage of the Internet. For more information, please refer to the firm's policy on the KnowledgeCurve U.S. Home Page under Policies/IT Risk Management/Policies & Standards/155 - Electronic Communications. Pursuant to firm policy, the firm has reserved the right to, and in fact does, monitor and record activity on its systems, including attempts to access Internet sites that have been blocked."

Your dinner problem at Denny's is precisely my problem with diners in general...when bagels AND surf and turf are on the menu, the chances of both, and hell, all in between, being fresh or, well...palatable....are very, very slim. So, I must admit, when forced to dine in a diner (and I use the word dine loosely here), I usually go the safe route, and choose...fries. I too am hoping to loose 2 pounds using this methodology:-)!!!

You actually likened Denny's to Shoney's? You should be banned from Shoney's for life just on that basis alone.

Comparing the two is like saying that In-N-Out is better than Five Guys.

(Personal note: as a kid, I attended summer camp with Emily Schoenbaum, of the Shoney's family. I bet she got all the strawberry pie she could eat, anytime she wanted it ....LUCKY!)

sorry - gotta stick with my fellow Californians and choose In-N-Out. The deciding factor is most definitely the grease (or should i say lack of grease at the california chain). besides, you can't order a milk shake at Five Guys! (and yes, while i realize that cancels out the grease argument, you don't have to order it.)

Burger Battle: When you're back home, go to Z Burger (Glover Park & Tenley). Excellent burger. Better than 5 Guys, there, I said it. Love an In-N-Out burger too, wish they were here.

Joan, will there be a bonus Speedo photo in tomorrow's installment?

Jeez. Denny's is the 7-Eleven of restaurants. One should never consciously choose to eat there. Or at least not when sober. It's the kind of place that gets its best business at 2 a.m., when every place else is closed, and you can't eat the 7-Eleven hot dogs standing up, because you really, really need to sit down. And you can use the restroom without having to get a key on a stick. That's as good as it gets at Denny's. Not even Denny McLain would be caught dead in a Denny's.

I'll be interested to find out how many hours it took today to drive from Visalia to Tahoe. Did you manage to stop and see anything along the way?
You're going to have a similar problem trying to hit Crater Lake and the Columbia Gorge in the same day, except that the distance between the two is even greater.

I had the same reaction as Ken: you're gonna do Crater Lake and the Columbia Gorge in one day?! Not that anything is impossible when you're a speed freak driving a rocket car with dual-beagle turbo power, but that's an awfully long day.

I'll weigh in on Five Guys vs. In-N-Out. When I moved to California in 2007 I ate at INO once a week for 14 months. And every time, I said, "Good but not as good as everyone says." When Five Guys opened in Carson near the soccer complex, I had my first burger from the chain in 14 years and it tasted the same as the ones I had when I was an obnoxious newbie at The Post. Five Guys, hands down.

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I'm going to do my best to stay away from all burger-related comments. You know where I stand.

But I do have to say I love the photos of the Big Trees. They brought me back to when I was just a wee lass, driving up to Sequoia with my family during the summer. I can almost smell the fresh, cool air now. I'm glad you guys had a chance to go there. It's quite magical in the mist of the forest.

Oh, and did I say that In-N-Out's burgers, fries, shakes, etc., and atmosphere beats that of Five Guys? I couldn't help myself...

I'm firmly in the Five Guys camp. In-N-Out burgers are fine and all, but they put too much stuff on the burger. I will concede Amy's point that In-N-Out has better atmosphere and milkshakes (though I disagree on the fries, which I find somewhat bland). But in a burger taste test, Five Guys wins for me.

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