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April 07, 2009


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Hi - as long at the baseball fantasy picks went well, I guess we'll forgive you! ;) Liking the detour to Alaska idea - sounds great. Of course BC is so beautiful and since Canada is really the 51st state, it all makes sense. It's not? Oh. Never mind.

Joan, your geography skills seem to be on-par with mine .... ;-)

Ummm. You're not seriously thinking about driving to Alaska, are you? It's 2,300 miles from Seattle to Fairbanks. And while it's said to be mostly paved now, it's no freeway. That could take a week or more, one-way. And the weather before June is sketchy. You could take the ferry. (Gotta love the Alaska Marine Highway System.)http://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/index.shtml

Cheers on the detour through BC. Are you planning to take the Sea-to-Sky Highway northwards from Vancouver? It's a *gorgeous* drive.

Love the detour plans.Hope to hear more about the fantasy thing.

Just want to make sure you know southern Alaska had an earthquake today (April 7 actually) - a 4.7

All in for Alaska!

Ken, they don't have to go all the way to Fairbanks. It's 900 miles from Bellingham, Wash., to Prince Rupert, BC, and then a short ferry ride to Ketchikan, Alaska. Haven't tried it myself, but it doesn't look absurd -- although I'd imagine accommodations are rather sparse along the way...

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