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May 01, 2009


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great windy pictures! We can't wait for you to visit Crater Lake - we are planning to go out in Dec. and then head down the coast to San Francisco for Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah in early Jan., minus Ozzy and Kobe. Safe journey - love, Pam, Jack & Boys & Dogs

Is your return date May 19 or March 19? Or will there be a rift in the time-space continuum that I have to worry about? And if there is a rift, can I go through it too?

You got a problem with Hawaii??

Thank-you for sharing FHMA with me over a tub-o-fries and a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys. That confession should stamp my vote.

as someone who needed to claim her 48th state, traveling with someone who needed to claim his 50th, I highly recommend going to Alaska in late January, when you must buy long underwear at REI on the way to the airport, and the Chamber of Commerce wakes up some guy with a B&B (normally only used in decent-weather months) to house you. this is alaska as it is meant to be seen. Of course, we did need a flashlight to see anything.

Outlaw Fred; Fredzilla; AirFred....can't wait to see which Fred surfaces next!

All of these pictures make me want to get a beagle. But then we'd have two dogs, and I'm not sure we could handle that.

Do you ever need dogsitters? Maybe we could borrow Fred or Hank to see how our dog would get along with a smaller friend. (Neepa is 75 pounds.)

On the beagle panting issue: we have two residents and have had numerous foster beagles. None of them have been huge panters. Only when they have sunbathed too long in direct sunlight on a hot day. Then they may pant on their way to the water dish and a cooler spot.
UNLESS of course a thunderstorm is nearby. That sets off shivering and panting from our Daisy. If these events occur at night, she finds it necessary to jump up in bed and sit on your head. Then there is definitely panting accompanied with dripping.

Oh, regarding the panting thing, Gus only ever pants if he has been running around in the yard but he pretty quickly cools down again. Regarding the comment from Jen P., our beagle is the least concerned of our 3 dogs about thunder storms - sleeps right through them.... thank goodness because panting and dripping on my head might be a dealbreaker ;).

Re: Five Guys v. In-n-Out, I vote for Hudson's. You going to swing through Coeur d'Alene on this trip?

BTW, Ketchikan is nice enough, but it's tiny and isolated and there's nowhere to go and very little to do there. The bald eagles hang out at the city dump. There's often some sort of salmon running. The Acrtic Bar has a very tacky baseball hat (two bears humping). And Ketchikan is barely Alaska. It's in a region referred to as "Southern Southeast Alaska." That's right, Southeast Alaska is so big it's divided up into north (Juneau) and south (Ketchikan). They do have some nice totem poles there. Oh, and it rains 300 days a year. In fact, it rains so much that grass doesn't grow unless you fertilize it quite often. Moss, on the other hand, thrives.
See? You're not missing much!

If you can make it back to DC by 8 pm May 18, you can catch Springsteen at the Verizon Ctr. I'm just sayin'.

So if Idaho is coming up, do you know if you'll make it to Park City? Or will we miss you this time around? Because we now have 1) an off-leash dog park, 2) lots of good places to eat cheaply off season, 3) fairly flexible schedules since it's shoulder season, 4) a daughter who loves to have her picture taken (www.flickr.com/photos/ilanasage), and 5) pressure to come up with a meal that ranks 5 on both nutrition and taste. We can do it! Oh... yeah... lots of beauty, too, and maybe you can do an interview on Ori's show about your trip.


Hey Amy, Why don't we arrange a meeting of the dogs when we get back. Fred is a bit timid around large dogs, but Hank should be fine. After the meet and greet-- we can head to 5 Guys!

LOVE the pictures today! The various of Fred, especially...and since we missed the 2003 blog, John and I laughed hysterically at the Fredzilla picture!

As for panting: Abbey pants a LOT when she's afraid (she hates thunderstorms and loud noise--very evident when the Lansing Lugnuts have "fireworks night" a few blocks away from us) and when she's been running around the back yard. Elvis pants a lot when he runs. Which is a lot.

I notice you are going to try for the entire lower 48; if it's a day we can get away, we'd love to meet you on the road if you get in or near Michigan!

This is completely my old hood! I went to high school off I-80, in what you refer to as "the middle of nowhere." Anyway it was nice to see the pictures of Lake Tahoe. It's been a while since I was last there.

Panting. My beagle Fred pants, as noted by someone else, ONLY when he's been laying in the sun for extended periods. Even after he's taken one of his thrilling zooms around the back yard, he doesn't pant. He can lay in the sun indefinitely, though, and anyone would get hot doing that. Bailey, my hound mix, doesn't pant. Miller, the 16 year old Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix, still pants. He drips on my shoulder in the car. He used to pant during thunderstorms, but his hearing isn't quite what it used to be and he doesn't pant as much anymore because of that. It's a shame that wasn't the case during a vacation to the North Carolina mountains a number of years ago. I brought a crate for Bailey - he's always been a problem child, but we left Miller and my dearly departed Boo out in the cabin when we did a tour of the Biltmore Estate. A thunderstorm rolled through - and Miller clawed at doors of the cabin to try to get out - or more likely, to get to me. I rented the cabin for $500 for the week...and paid $550 in repairs to the doors. :|

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