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May 04, 2009


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Well - I for one am now really concerned that when we see Crater Lake in December of this year, we won't see Crater Lake - My GD, it's already May and there's still snow! How awful - maybe we'll start in San Diego and head up to San Francisco instead for Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah! Safe travels - love, Pam, Jack, Boys and Dogs

You wrote: Sign of the Day, on an adult club in Gresham, Ore.: "Nude Women & Dining."

I understand your thoughts on not going to this club for the food. But I thought perhaps they were referencing nude dining. That might pull in some patrons.

Oh...and being a Jersey boy (16W)...I always suspected the full service gas thing was about maintaining jobs. Goes to show you, I suppose.

I have a great photo of the snowman I made at Crater Lake...in July. Luckily it was just leftover stuff and I did get to see the actual lake, which was spectacular.

And really, you were surprised that it was gray and raining in the Pacific Northwest? Does humidity in DC shock you too? :-)

We camped a lot as a child and I remember visiting both Craters of the Moon and Yellowstone park although I don't think it was on the same trip. Brings back wonderful memories ~ so please take lots of pictures.

I think Hassert's right about the jobs thing. Oregon's unemployment rate is already near or over double digits, so I think we'll be keeping that law a while longer.

If the national parks were as un-dog friendly in Steinbeck's day as they are now, you can sort of understand one reason why he wasn't happy. When I did my western swing with Fred in 2007, I was definitely getting frustrated that I had so few places to take him out for a nice, extended period. In Utah, Arches Natl Park was beautiful, Cayonlands Natl Park was stunning, but Dead Horse Point STATE Park was my favorite. Tons of gorgeous scenery, but more important, dogs are allowed everywhere - on leash. This state park has also had a number of dog deaths. My Fred is very precious to me; he's never off leash unless we're in an enclosed back yard or dog park. I think he'll come when I call him, but he is a Beagle, and I just can't risk the bad result of that equation.

Hmm... thinking about the picture of the overturned car. Either it's a remnant from Clint Eastwood's film "Firefox," or it would seem a Huntington, NJ,-born man was attempting the insane feat of driving his wife and two beagles with robust anal glands across the country with an indeterminate number of axels, no jack, and a pack of wild dogs chasing him through the sandy beaches of the West. Hard to tell which.

True story: I was a freshman at U of O when Animal House was being filmed. I had a conversation with Jon Landis when he overheard me talking about seeing a sneak preview of his previous (truly awful) film "Kentucky Fried Movie." A friend of mine was an extra in the sorority pillow-fight scene.
And you clearly were in my skeezy old neighborhood in Gresham, now home to several strip clubs.
Also, in high school I dated a Boring girl. She wasn't.

The Crooked River Bridge is the site of one of the most infamous crimes in Oregon history. In 1961, two women threw two small children off the bridge. One of the women became the only woman in Oregon history sentenced to death. My friend's dad was the DA in the case.

OK. You're 144 miles from Seattle. Are you coming up here or what?

Isn't there (or wasn't there) a strip club and steak place in the D.C. area? I seem to recall perhaps going to one, probably for a bachelor's party. I mean, someone told me about it.

The Oregonians truly have no sense of adventure. Can't beat standing in a 40 mph in a Michigan winter (at least this past one) trying to keep your hands from freezing on the pump handle.

hey, now you've reached my territory! Welcome to Oregon--a state that sucks you in with gorgeous weather on July 12th and then rains the rest of the year. The lone cow photo documents a BLM grazing lease I bet--boy, could I bore you with facts about cow/calf operations and the horrors of sheep (aka, range maggots, to some westerners--clearly sheep need better PR)ranching. Twenty years ago I turned down a job in Klamath Falls. Now you know why.
Happy traveling!


Per comment above: I thought Kentucky Fried Movie was hilarious when I saw it umpteen million years ago.... I should rent it now and see if I still think so. Now I'm starting to question my own judgment ;).

Jim, surely you will provide the smack-down to Joshua above re: Huntington, New JERSEY?!

My daughter lives in Portland and reports that it is blooming everywhere, so I hope you get to enjoy that. I visited a month ago when the blossoming was just starting and it was lovely. The Japanese Garden and the Chinese Tea House are both tucked in around town and worth a look. But something you may not know about Portland ... it was shanghai territory and the unwary and unwitting or the very drunk were whisked away into the underground, then sent off to China on a ship. You can take a tour (underground) and learn about the "sordid and scandalous" side of the city. http://www.portlandwalkingtours.com/tours/underground_portland.php. You also may want to check out Voodoo donuts! With flavors ranging from vegan to bacon-maple or triple chocolate (cocoa puffs on top) you are bound to find something interesting. They also do weddings (in their chapel) starting at $25! Cheers!

Sorry, Rebecca and Jim... Huntington, NY. I was distracted by the sight of a speeding three-axled Acura passing by as I wrote that.

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