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May 05, 2009


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FHMA: Worst. Auto. Club. Ever.

A funny typo - I'm pretty sure you meant that the kid thought you were "splitting" the atom, not spitting it. Though I did have a good laugh at what that might look like.

Uh oh. Guess I won't be the "comment of the day" again for a while...

Joan, you were having a great hair day in your photo above. Totally worthwhile that you brought along whatever tools of the trade that Jim is always haranguing you about.

"Has anyone ever gone to a restaurant where you exit via the bathroom?"

At one of the many dive bar/music venues in Austin, I needed to use the men's room. The door was at the back of the bar and clearly labeled, "Men." Going through led right out into the alley behind the bar where the wall was...well..there...

Great music, though.

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