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May 05, 2009


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You're lucky Fred and Hank aren't athletes. I could easily see a beagle pulling out that desk chair, climbing onto the desk, and then climbing up to the pizza. Locked in the bathroom is the only truly safe place for food when beagles are on the prowl.

Your restaurant name theory reminded me of Hounddog Pizza in Columbus, OH (at OSU). Their pizza wasn't great. But it IS great to see it delivered in their old car with a light-up hound dog on the roof with a rocket strapped to its back. They are on myspace these days. Tolerable pizza but even better delivery. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=37987069&albumID=476976&imageID=2405624

Actually, I bet the scene just before you got to the room was funnier. Fred is a true beagle.

You're lucky you don't have Elvis. Because he's taller than a purebred beagle, he can reach many things our beagles cannot/could not reach.

We've had to rethink the beagle-proof house arrangement a tad.

LOVE the action pictures!

I just have one little question: how can Day 59 and Day 60 both be May 5th, or is that just the posting date?

If, by chance, you're passing through a small town called Shelley near Idaho falls and looking for some entertainment, you may want to take a moment to check on a site legendary to the Lunt clan. There's a small white fence next to a ranch house (you can't miss it, surely there's only one) which is exactly as old as me.

Rapt with curiosity I'm sure? Well, that fence was built by a nervous father-to-be looking for something to do while my mom and me had a date with the Idaho Falls hospital. Hence, the family refers to the fence as "Scott's Fence" as it was built the day I was born (perhaps as an excuse for avoiding the hospital trip?). Needless to say, the fence is still standing after over 40 years.

Only one request, I prefer if Fred or Hank didn't pee on the fenceposts.

Oh, and don't miss the big "Hello" always carved into the wheat field on the facing hill.

Warning: While an interesting structure, don't get too stoked over the Corn Palace. When we were there they were setting up for some concert inside. Also, some low-level hoops team plays there. I guess my advice would be to get there earlier in the day just in case.

Oh, and in Nebraska, two things to check out if you have time: In the small town of St. Paul is the Nebraska Baseball Hall of Fame (or something like that). I'm sure Joan would love it. Or she might like the cookie place three doors down. Also, can't remember the town, but there's a Kool-Aid home/museum. We weren't able to get there on our trip, so can't tell you how fantastic it is or isn't.

I agree about the only safe place for the pizza would be in the bathroom with the door shut tight. If that had been our beagle Maggy she would have been on the chair/bench (whatever that thing is next to the desk), over the desk and to the pizza. She once got a dozen of peanut butter cookies (her favorite)off of the back of the stove. When food is involved she is pretty crafty.

Beagles get 4.0s in crafty when it comes to purloining food. And the humans usually are pretty stupid.

I may be too late to share this info, but just in case: If Joan is interested in a great photo place that frames the main Teton range and has four abandoned, but gorgeous barns: About a mile from Moose Junction turn east onto Antelope Flats Road. After about 1.5 miles you will hit a north-south gravel road leading to the four homestead, called "Mormon's Row. All four are on public land. Here is a link to pics from google: http://www.zazzle.com/mormon_row_barn_with_teton_range_card-137043008998742994

Again, sorry if I am too late.

Hey Trey, Thanks for sharing the link. The pictures are gorgeous! We did the tetons yesterday -- Yellowstone today. We'll have to make a note of the barn for our next trip. :-)

I think I might have circumvented the pizza escapades and just brought in the pizza with the last load. Of course, that doesn't make for good blogging.

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