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May 06, 2009


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We decided to hit Teton late Wednesday after finding out the main road that connects Grand Teton to Yellowstone National Park doesn't open until -- yes, believe it or not -- Friday, i.e. tomorrow.

Wednesday jumps to Friday in Idaho? Or did you hook the Caura up with a flux capacitator?

Oh we loved Grand Teton and Yellowstone when we were there. We went the first week in June a few years ago and it actually snowed on us in Yellowstone one day. You make me want to go back! We never saw any bears though - possibly due to my obsessive ringing of bear bells when we were on quiet trails - but we did find the hot springs so much more interesting than we thought we would. I actually purchased a book while there about all the different ways people have died in Yellowstone, including getting boiled to death while trying to save dogs from the hot springs... so be careful in there!

Caura = Acura.

Proper bear scat identification is a primary concern in areas populated both by black bears (not generally dangerous) and grizzly bears (very dangerous), so here's my offer of assistance while you're in the greater Yellowstone region:
Grizzly bear scat looks just like black bear scat except that it smells like pepper and has bells in it.

Gee, I pick up the poop with toilet paper or tissue, and just flush it.

Things You Learn on FHMA:

So I click on the Lyndon B. Johnson link to apparently learn about LBJ's toilet habits, where upon there is a banner ad next to the text that claims "Smiling Bob Must Die."

Curious, I click on the ad and this site is dedicated to the eradication of "Smiling Bob" and those Enzyte commercials for . . . err . . . ummm . . . uhhh . . . natural male dingus enhancement.

Now this made me look up Enzyte on Google because we haven't seen those suggestively sprouting commercials in a while. Lo and behold, turns out Enzyte's claims for "uplifting measures of pride" turned out to be a fraud—as in mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering to the hard and straight tune of forfeiting $500 million in assets and imprisonment for the founder and owner—and his mom.

Meanwhile, the banner ad that claims "Smiling Bob Must Die" got its wish. Literally. As this story of sizable proportions continued to develop, I learned that a few months after the Enzyte company tanked, the actor John Larson, who played Smiling Bob, was involved in a boating accident off the coast of Martinique and is presumed dead.

Turns out the woman who played his gratified wife in the commercials is actress Jennifer Clement, who has a fairly accomplished stage and small screen career and a critcally acclaimed restaurant in Vancouver. But the Enzyte commercials are not to be found on her filmography.

All of this produced by FHMA, Lyndon B. Johnson and a complete waste of 33 years' experience in journalism.

Thanks for the "pompatus of love" link. Always wondered about that. I love love love the Steve Miller Band.

Love the photos, as always, and the video is great, too!

Hank is looking extra cute in today's photo. Guess he felt he would really work the camera for his only appearance.

Which brings me to this interesting tidbit: someone sent me an email about the world's oldest dog (a weiner who is 21), it said the world's oldest dog was a 28-year-old beagle. Trying to find out more about said beagle, I goggled "world's oldest beagle." Whose image should come up first but only the fabulous Fred and Hank! I hope this doesn't hurt Fred's ego and send him into the corner again.

I learn more and more each day reading about F&H. "Pompatus of love". Wow! Reading about that was hizzamorrdonkulus!

LOL re: the comment about the pepper & bells in grizzly bear scat! So much for my pepper spray plan for my next visit to Yellowstone. Hey, has anyone seen Grizzly Man? Fascinating movie.

Seeing the picture of the two of you together made me realize how rare those pictures are. And my first thought was -"They finally encountered intelligent life which could figure out Jim or Joan's camera." But then I saw Joan's arm... So are your cameras too hard to use? You're too anti-social to ask strangers to take pics? Or after Jim's attempted grand theft camera incident are you afraid to trust anyone near your cameras? A nice pic of all four of you would be a nice touch I'd think.

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