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May 09, 2009


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Kansas City...you have to try some bbq while you are here. Go with Oklahoma Joes or Gates. You could also tour the Negro League Museum if you have time. A few days later and you could've seen Greinke.

Jim, Tell Joan that her photos are terrific. Today's of the Badlands are lovely. You were right to stop in Billings. Glendive is awful. And I've been on those long drives across South Dakota at night, trying to make it to the Tetons. The most spectacular lightning storm I've ever seen was in South Dakota late one summer night. It was happening all around us. We stopped the car just to take it in. The fact there was nothing on the horizon gave us quite a show.

Black horse to grey horses: I think these are the guys who nailed that prairie dog back there.

Grey horses to black horse: Crap... I think you're right. And didn't the dog pack in Arizona try to chase them down?

Black horse to grey horses: Yes, but they got away. And now they're coming for us!

Grey horses to black horse: What do we do??

Black horse: RUN!

Didn't Bruce Springsteen do a song called Badlands? Or was that Patti Smith?

And if you're in KC, are you going to at least give Arthur Bryant's BBQ a second chance? This time, do it right: Beef brisket sandwiches, with the house sauce, and the burnt ends as a bonus. That's all you should eat there (not ribs, or whatever you had last time). Heavenly.

More authentic photo caption:
Jim noses up to Hank at a rest stop outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is some sort of security blanket for Jim, who often comes up to Hank or Fred and rubs his nose against theirs. It seems to make him feel more secure.

what? no stop in omaha?!? would have thought that to be the highlight of your trip.

u know...home of the College World Series, Old Market, Mutual of Omaha and the most recent addition, bridge to nowhere... the Bob Kerrey memorial bridge? i hope you AT LEAST stopped for lunch in Old Market or to do a little riverboat gambling...

"The Internet connection did not work for me at all, and crapped out on Joan after a few minutes."

Given the indiginity she had to suffer during the car ride with Fred's um ... unfortunate secretion, perhaps you could have found a better way to describe Joan's experience with the unreliable Internet connection. Just sayin'.

Just a little something that may come in handy next time you have an anal gland problem....

We have two beagles, both of which have this issue, and we always carry with us Luvs baby wipes when we travel with them. Yes, I am a neat freak that also carries a lint roller around. The wipes work wonders for cleaning the dogs and other things. It also helps get rid of some of the smell or at least make it tolerable until you can stop.

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