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May 10, 2009


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The Badlands, and the national grasslands that surround them, are some of the most beautiful vistas in the country. I arrived from the east, just in time for sunset, and then came back the next day to see the Badlands just after dawn. They look so different based on the light and time of day.

I stayed at that La Quinta Inn in Rapid City. It is so frustrating when the internet connection is that slow. I recall having pretty spotty internet service at all of the La Quintas that I stayed in during my 2007 trip.

Glad to hear that you are headed to the Gateway City - we here in St. Louis will be glad to have you. Let us know if you need any suggestions - our beagle Mabel will be happy to help.

As a former sportswriter, you should appreciate the cult status of Charlie Gitto's in St. Loo. It might be the best Italian I've had and it's the standard stomping ground for visiting scribes.

Hey Meg -- We ended up blowing through st. louis really fast -- just stopped in for lunch. I'm so sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you and Mabel. :-(

"Born to Run" may be a classic, but do you remember "Born to Add"? It was one of my favorites growing up and I remember my shock at learning that there was a song called "Born to Run" that sounded just like it. You can find it on You Tube these days. Bet you don't have that one in the ipod.

And I'm sure Fred his glad his plan worked and he finally got one of those evil prairie dogs this time around. mwhahahaha

...LMAO @ insider trader moutain goat

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