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May 19, 2009


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I'm curious how you responded when Joan asked, "Is that your best deal?"

Random trivia for you -- Taft did serve on the Supreme Court, but his title was Chief Justice of the United States.


Welcome Home! Love, Pam, Jack, Matt, Ben, Nate, Josh, Ozzy & Kobe

thanks for coming to visit with us!!!!

Shelly will be jealous you had Skyline - her favorite.

I can't believe you didn't make mention of Taft (supposedly) starting the seventh-inning stretch or being the first president to throw out a ball at a baseball game. Speaking of which, now to plot a baseball trip! ;) :)

Very impressed you did Skyline. Love that stuff. I buy it by the case. Too bad you didn't hit Montgomery Inn for a slab-o-ribs. You would have loved the place.

And no Graeter's Ice Cream? tsk.

You even went to the Harrison tomb on the Bend. That is one creepy place.

But I have no idea what made you go to that crappy park in Newport when Eden Park on the hills just a mile east of downtown Cincinnati is one of the nicest you will ever see. Incredible overlook views of the city and home of the Krone Conservatory.


Thankfully, you wasted no time or money for a Reds game. Now that was smart.

What Fred and Hank were doing in the duck poop we have coined "lawn diving". Whether it's in something nasty or not, it's lawn diving. Boo, my sister's poodle-terror, I mean poodle-terrier mix (he died at 13 years of age last year), was the champeen lawn diver. My beagle Fred picked up on the technique and now does a fine job of it. Bailey, my Coonhound mix, is less impressive, but some of that has to do with how long it takes his big body to get down. Miller, the 16 year old yellow lab-golden retriever mix, never was much for lawn diving, and his hips are just not up for it anymore.

not much to see in the Northeast...i'd shoot for Iceland if i were you.

What is it about beagles and stinky-stuff? Listen closely, and you'll hear the howling this weekend as we bathe both of our brats--two recent events (we call them "Beagle Backyard Breakouts") have deemed that *more* than necessary. Elvis in particular. So you have my sympathy. I can't imagine what it was like in the car.

My dogs love to roll on worms. Yes, worms. And you wouldn't think that a worm smells too bad but guess what: they stink! And as your photo above illustrates, when one dog finds a good stinky spot to roll in, they all have to get in on the act. I'm often outside in the mornings in my pj's chasing my dogs and screaming like a mad woman "no rolling!!!!". My neighbors love me.

That photo of the duck cracks me up -- it's like his own, personal yoga pose.

I can hear it now in yoga classes around the country -- (cue new age music in background)"....now we'll go to standing duck pose ..."

Jim/Joan -

Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your trip with all of us. I always enjoyed taking a few minutes from my day to find out where you were and what you were doing in this great country of ours. Fantastic job!


WELCOME HOME Jim and Joan!
I can honestly say I enjoyed your journals and always got a great laugh or two!! You were missed so we must get together when you fix up hotel Brady and recover!!

Welcome back!

I so enjoyed reading your entries every day...what will I do now?

When are you leaving again?


PS. My basset hound (who passe to the great duck pond in the sky years ago) was the queen of duck doo rolling. She would find a spot and roll in the poop until any nearby feathers adhered to her fir. This typically happened after I had given her a bath.

So...this must be a hound thing.

Our Beagle Maggy has done the worm rolling thing more than once. Just a few weeks ago we were at Beagle Meet-up and there was a worm on the ground that she and a few others had to roll on.

I agree with everyone else that I am pondering what will become my guilty pleasure when you return home for good.

Thank you so much for the photo of the beautiful Roebling bridge in West Virginia!

I have always wanted to see it since reading David McCullough's The Great Bridge. (The Roeblings built the Brooklyn Bridge, the topic of the book.)

I'm having a hard time believing not one single person has razzed you for not only having Barry Manilow in your playlist, but also for having actually listened to it.

I, for one, am a Fanilow and give you props for your bravery.

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