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May 25, 2009


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I don't speak beagle, but is it not possible Fred and/or Hank was trying to tell you, 'hey, big guy, you really need to get the inside treads of the two back tires looked at. Looks like they're worn down to the fabric from back here.' If only they had opposible thumbs, they could have written you a note.

Your mention of the Battleview Deli reminds me of a place I saw (and visited) while in Edinburgh, Scotland. In full view where the gallows were in the Grassmarket area of the city stands a pub called...The Last Drop. It was supposedly a place where folks had their last meal before...dropping. It was also a favorite place for Robert Burns to go.


BTW, did you know that the word "gala" comes from when people used to bring their picnics and hang out and watch the executions?

Cygnus X-1 a bad song?? Great song on one of my favorite Rush albums. Heresy!

Also, you may want to check the nutritional information on Ruby Tuesday before awarding that meal 2 nutritional stars. That scampi and steak meal has 1049 calories and 53 grams fat (not including sides). A few years back, Ruby Tuesday listed nutritional information right on the menu for a short period of time. I immediately discovered that I was unwilling to eat anything on the menu, and we stopped going there.

Next trip: Follow Bruce through Europe --

Start packing. You owe it to your Bruce fan readers.

Regarding "Captain Jack" - I get the part about not knowing it is about drugs, but hell, he does use the word "masturbate" in the song lyrics! :)

From my many visits to Antietam and Gettysburg I can advise you:

1.) Bloody Lane at Antietam is one helluva creepy place at dusk;

2.) At sunset, the locals in Gettysburg converge on Little Roundtop like clockwork to watch the sun settle behind the South Mountain range. The view is incredible;

3.) In Sharpsburg, Nutter's Ice Cream is not only a great old place, but two huge scoops will cost you only $2.50. They also sponsor a great seniors softball team.

4.) What kind of journeyman (one without quarters for the meters?) goes to Ruby Tuesday's in Gettysburg when he could have gone to the excellent Pub Bar & Restaurant in the Gettysburg town square?

Did I read that right that Joan took the car in for a 7pm Friday night appointment? What dealer is open at that time? That is amazing!

When did Ken Burns join the FHMA crew?

Being a native Marylander, the "first battle on Northern soil" got my attention. The Old Line State is schizophrenic. South of the Mason/Dixon line, a tobacco and slave state, only didn't secede because they moved the capital from Annapolis to keep the General Assembly from meeting.

In college at Duke, we had North/South drink-offs. When I expressed my confusion about which side to drink on, the Carolinians made it clear that Maryland was "them" and not "us."

Back on the road, eh? The boys look great, and are surely two, nearly perfect Beagle specimens. In the one photo, Hank appears to be whispering some sly remark to Fred. Does Hank always sit with his rear legs so far apart. Looks uncomfortable. The snap of him snagging the tennis ball was a real keeper. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of my crew.

Loved the caption about the " stupid person". As a dump truck driver, I know all about them, only in a different vein. Some days, they seem to be out in numbers, just itching to cause a crash!

Now, as a guy who seems to do a lot of driving, you might want to learn just a bit more about cars. Just a thought.

Be careful on the last vestiges of your trip. K?

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